30 Behind The Scenes Photos From The Halloween Franchise


From one of the strangest franchises in horror history – parts 1-6 are cannon but not part 3, parts 7-8 are only cannon with parts 1-2, making parts 4, 5, and 6 irrelevant, part 3 isn’t cannon with anything, and there’s two remakes – comes 30 awesome behind the scenes photos featuring fanny packs, sweet hats, Paul Rudd, and a whole lot of soda. Get you synthesisers out; dada, dada, da, da, dada, dada, da, da..,

1: Halloween (1978) – Brother and sister. Gross.


2: Halloween (1978) – Too fucking cute. John Carpenter and Debra Hill.

John Carpenter and Debra Hill 1978

3: Halloween (1978) – John Carpenter directs Nick Castle (behind the mask) in the Doyle house.

Halloween Behind the Scenes 1978

4: Halloween 2 (1981) – Donald Pleasence, Dick Warlock (Michael), Rick Rosenthal (director) and Jamie Lee Curtis. Knives in mouths are a real giggle.

Halloween 2 set photo

5: Halloween (1978) – Nick Castle, the ultimate incarnate of Michael Myers.


6: Halloween 4 (1988) –  George P Wilbur as bandage face Michael Myers.

Halloween 4 behind the scenes

7: Halloween (1978) – John Carpenter and Cinematographer Dean Cundey.


8: Halloween 4 (1988) – Donald Pleasence wearing a super splendid hat.

Halloween 4 set photos 1988

9: Halloween (1978) – Who likes Dr Pepper soda? Nick Castle likes Dr Pepper soda.

Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos from Horror Movies (7)

10: Halloween 2 (1981) – Lee Harvey Oswald being ushered out of the Dallas Police Headquarters. No wait.., It’s Jamie Lee Curtis (with big wig), Donald Pleasence, and director Rick Rosenthal in a VHS screen shot.


11: Halloween (1978) – John Carpenter and Tony Moran, aka Michael Myers during the mask removal scene. Tony earned $250. 


12: Halloween 2 (1981) – Fuck Nick Castle’s wacky hair and Dr Pepper, Dick Warlock enjoys the conventional taste Coca-Cola.


13: Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) – Donald Pleasence and Paul Rudd (yes that Paul Rudd). Director Joe Chappelle (left) is obviously drinking a can of soda. Presumably stored in his fanny pack. 


14: Halloween (1978) – Executive Producer, and the man that Halloween fans can thank for the very existence of the film, Irwin Yablans chatting with Jamie Lee Curtis.


15: Halloween 2 (1981) – Dick Warlock and Donald Pleasence going over a little fight choreography. That or Warnock is sketching a still life of Pleasence. 


16: Halloween (1978) – Here’s (left to right) the lovely PJ Soles, Jamie Lee Curtis , John Carpenter, and (I believe) Joe Brennan, the boom operator. 


17: Halloween (1978) – Full crew on a night shoot at the Myers House.


18: Halloween (1978) – John Graham (the hapless Bob) and Nick Castle. 


19: Halloween 2 (1981) – Dick Warlock, Jamie Lee Curtis (looking all kinds of sexual in that H2 wig), and Donald Pleasence touching head.


20: Halloween 5 (1989) – Danielle Harris and Don Shanks (Michael).


21: Halloween H20 (1998) – Moustapha Akkad (13 producer credits to his name, eight or which are all eight movies of the original Halloween series) with Jamie Lee Curtis. 

Akkad and Jamie Lee H20

22: Halloween 4 (1988) – George Wilber may well have portrayed two of the crapier looking Michael’s (Michael in H4 and H6) but he’s played Michael Myers twice. Excellent Facebook profile pic George. 


23: Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) – George Wilber getting masked up. George is still the only Myers actor to get a recall: Playing Michael in part 4, dropped for 5, recalled for 6.


24: Halloween 4 (1988) – Director Dwight H Little directs Donald Pleasence to the nearest soda vending machine.


25: Halloween Resurrection (2002) – Jamie Lee Curtis tries to genuinely stab anyone for this shit show, including upside down Brad Loree (Michael).


26: Halloween H20 (1998) – Left to right we have Janet Leign (Jamie Lee’s mum and, of course, of Psycho fame), director Steve Miner (director of Friday 13th Part 2), Halloween franchise producer Mustapha Akkad, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Oh to be that photo-bomber in the roll-neck. 


27: Halloween 2 (1982) – John Carpenter visits the H2 set where cost saving measurers mean that Dick Warlock took over the cinematography whilst also portraying Michael Myers. Carl Denham called, he wants his tripod back.


28: Halloween 2 (1982) – The death of Nurse Jill (Tawny Moyer – resembling Molly Ringwald). Look closely and you can see the wirework lifting Jill in front of Dick Warlock. 


29: Halloween (1978) – Tony Moran getting his Myers mask fitted whilst shooting his one and only scene. This also gives us a nice close view of Michael’s gippy eye.


30: Halloween 2 (1981) – Dick Warlock’s Michael Myers picking up Jamie Lee Curtis with one hand and holding a knife (screwdriver?) in the other. Or taking a selfie, not sure. 


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