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30 Behind The Scenes Photos From The Halloween Franchise


From one of the strangest franchises in horror history – parts 1-6 are cannon but not part 3, parts 7-8 are only cannon with parts 1-2, making parts 4, 5, and 6 irrelevant, part 3 isn’t cannon with anything, and there’s two remakes – comes 30 awesome behind the scenes photos featuring fanny packs, sweet hats, Paul Rudd, and a whole lot of soda. Get you synthesisers out; dada, dada, da, da, dada, dada, da, da..,

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Behind The Scenes Photo of the Month: Leo’s got the Critters

Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos from Horror Movies (29)Before The Basketball Diaries, before What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and even before This Boys Life, Leonardo DiCaprio was being chased around his apartment building by muppets in 1991s Critters 3. Here’s Leo getting his fingers wet years before Blake Lively and Erin Heatherton would let him do the same – all teenage boys have to start somewhere, and I’ve seen worse.., with more body hair too. The movie was shot in LA with Jason Bakutis taking on the majority of the puppeteering. Critters 3 went on to have a resurgence on DVD, repackaged as ‘starring Leonardo DiCaprio‘.

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Behind the Scenes Photo of the Month: Norman’s up a ladder without a kitchen knife

Perkins behind the scenes psychoThis is one of my favourite ‘behind the scenes‘ photos to ever surface from PSYCHO (1960). This picture of Anthony Perkins and two mysterious ladies (it certainly isn’t Vera Miles and Janet Leigh) was, according to Vintage Los Angeles, taken on November 20th 1959. The Bates house was constructed on the backlot at Universal City Studios in the same year. Perkins is doing his very best Jack Skellington impersonation, all limber and gangley, perched atop the ladder much like one of Hitchcock’s famous birds. The smile on Perkins’ face, a feature so unused from this moment onward in his career, is particularly wonderful. Needless to say, Mother would not be pleased by this scene at all.

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Behind the Scenes Photo of the Month. The Goonies on set Classroom


Check out this rare glimpse into the off-set lives of The Goonies.  This photo, taken from the Astoria classroom trailer, shows every single Goonie (minus Sloth if you want to get technical) taking lessons in god-knows-what on some some kind of vintage PC. The random non-Gonnie is likely their tutor.., It’s definitely not Ma Fratelli. Interestingly Mikey, Brand, and Mouth are all in costume, so this was probably taken early-on in filming. Chunk is naturally wearing bull horns.

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Behind the Scenes Photo of the Month: Godzilla, King Kong, & Friends Chill Backstage in 1962


When the two behemoths of monster cinema take time off from destroying pagoda’s they enjoy nothing more than an ice tea whilst fulfilling media duties such as this gem of a backstage photo taken during the filming of King Kong vs Godzilla. I believe the chap standing in the middle like a well groomed UFG referee is none other than Godzilla creator Tomoyuki Tanaka. Sheer wonderment from a no-CG era.

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