The Changing Face of Michael Myers. All Masks 1978 to 2009

Michael Myers; the ultimate boogeyman? No doubt. Hipster fasionista? Maybe (who knows what he gets up to for the rest of the year). Purveyor of facial continuity? No. Like a lady doesn’t wear the same dress two nights in a row, Michael Myers won’t be seen catatonic in the same infamous William Shatner mask for more than five minutes before a nonsensical change is in order. Join Deadly Movies in a journey through the many faces of Michael Myers.

1: Halloween (1978), aka El Clásico

The classic Myers mask. Ideal in every way. The simplicity of painting a replica William Shatner mask white and hollowing out the eyes a-little, proved a master stroke in creating an icon of horror. The eye sockets allow for just enough recess of the actors eyes, the hair is just unkept enough, and there’s just the right amount of definition in the cheek bones and pout to convey chilling emotionless. So simple in fact, It begs the question; Why was this SO hard to recapture and recreate for the next 25 years?

2: Halloween 2 (1981), aka El Boxeador

It may have been 3 years later, but in the movie it was supposed to be the very same night. Strange then that Michael looks distinctly different. I guess being shot and falling out of a second floor window will do that to a man. His face has become noticeably rounder (we can probably put this down to the change of actor behind the mask), the nose broader, the straight-up collars make the neck look a little more boxed, and the worrying trend towards a GINGER Michael Myers has well and truly began. One cool thing to come out of this was the infamous bleeding eyes, which, left Michael looking more like (old) George Foreman than his former self.  This mask would well and truly be retired for good when Loomis set Michael on fire.

3: Halloween 4 (1988), aka El Sloppy Joe

Some will say this is the worst outing for Michael’s many masks. I’m not sure. One thing’s for certain, it doesn’t get much better from here on in. Where to start? Almost all texture has been striped away and replaced by a flimsy mask with little to no definition, the mask is in fact so feeble that it bends and creases all over the shop. The hair has noticeably more (unwanted) volume (one drop of humidity and this thing is going to explode) and is inexplicably gelled back mafia-style. The neck being tucked all the way into the overalls looks odd, and that ginger tinge continues. Quite frankly he looks nothing like, well, himself. Throughout this movie Michael’s stupid mask makes it look like he’s in a constant state of surprise and confusion. At least, narratively, he is wearing a ‘different’ mask.

4: Halloween 5 (1989), aka El de Alice Cooper

HA HA HA, LOLs. Here’s the lowest point for Deadly Movies two cents. What the donkey-dick is going on here? For one, wearing the neck out over the overalls is plain stupid. Humidity has well and truly made his hair both explode and grow generously into something resembling the very best of the stadium rock era. Aside from that, the mask has got a little grubbier which is a step in the right direction, and some definition returns. But really, this dude looks nothing like Michael Myers. Keep in mind this is supposed to be the same mask as part 4. Continuity certainly wasn’t important to.., ANYONE in 1989.

5: Halloween 6 (1995), aka Lo Básico

Say what you will about this unbelievably confusing movie, but at least Michael is looking a little more like himself. Nothing much to say other than this mask is probably the most faithful (of the original movies) to the 1978 original. As John Major once famously said; “Back to basics“. A small island of design-restraint in a sea of confusing anti-continuity that would continue into the 2000s.

6: Halloween H20 (1998), aka El Camaleón

Much has been said about the H20 mask. In the final cut of H20 you can spot physical rubber masks, masks that are full make-up, and even frame-for-frame CGI masks. Meaning Michael’s look can change dramatically between scenes. There were, in total, four masks used during the making of the movie: 1) A recast of the Halloween 6 mask, 2) A new mask designed by KNB FX at the request of director Steve Miner, 3) a re-shoot mask designed by non other than Stan Winston, and 4) the awful CGI mask. The mask design featured in most of the movie is the Stan Winston re-shoots mask, which, is a sleek and menacing homage to the original, which also allows for the actor’s eyes to be seen, giving it real distinction from previous incarnations. I like it. Thank god they ditched the KNB mask which made him look.., well, nothing at all like Michael Myers you dick heads.

7: Halloween Resurrection (2002), aka Busta Rhymes La Mierda de Racimo

The least said about this cluster fuck the better, and the mask isn’t too good either. There’s far too much definition going on here, Michael’s wearing all kinds of make-up, including guy-liner, and Emo-like shading around his lips and cheekbones. And what the fuck are the jowls about? This is a mask fit for a Busta Rhymes kung-fu kick.


8: Halloween (2007), aka El Putrefacción Cara

I like it. I like it a lot. The Rob Zombie Michael Myers mask is terrifying. Aside from the perished rubber effect (which is fine as the original mask was in the movie too) the mask looks like Michael, but slightly slimmed down. The eyes and the pout are perfect. Seriously if you saw this guy you would soil yourself. Say what you will about the changes made to Michael and the Halloween story, but what would you have preferred? More Halloween Resurrection?

9: Halloween 2 (2009), aka El Vagabundo Barbudo

Hmmm. I like the Rob Zombie Michael Myers mask. But this may have been asking too much of even the most flexible Halloween fan. The mask has deteriorated to such an extent that we now see Michael has grown a hobo beard, and perhaps most controversial of all, for some of the movie we can see half of Myers face, exposing too much humanity for many a fan. Still, before half the mask is torn off late on in the movie, I still think that the Zombie Myers mask mark 2 is fairly terrifying, and something new and different for the franchise.

So there you have it. Over 30 years of different creative takes on Michael Myers. Which is your favourite? And where will Michael’s face-fasion be heading next? And to think, this all came from a rubber face-mask of Captain Kirk (left), which to be fair was almost as terrifying in its original form!

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21 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Michael Myers. All Masks 1978 to 2009

  1. cinenemablog says:

    Supposedly in the 2nd one, they use the same mask as the 1st. But to me it looks a bit off.

    Also, I actually would’ve preferred more Halloween Resurrection than the horrible remakes Rob Zombie shat out.

    Plus, allow me to whore out my article about the Halloween saga, I’ve written about the masks as well (plus, what feel I got from the soundtracks etc.):

    • Chip says:

      Resurrection sucked! The zombie original was great and terrible. In this Michael is Givin a human reason to why he’s so fucked up and is a unstoppable force in that way it ruled. Your article sucked so bad I actually vomited out of my anus.

    • Armando says:

      That’s cause for three years the original 75 kirk myers mask was kept under the producers bed and slightly warped add the head shape of dick warlock you get a H2 mask

  2. simonjamesconstable says:

    They did use the original mask in Halloween II – The latex had just deteriorated a bit, and Dick Warlock had a round face compared to Nick Castle’s long, thin face.

  3. I hate the masks from the 4th and 5th movies and the Rob Zombie mask seemed like a good idea at first, but he has to much detail now, so he looses the classic plain expressionless that made him so creepy. I am also quite fond of the Resurrection mask.

    • I loved 4 and 5 masks and hated 8

    • TJ Cairo says:

      How can you hate on Zombie’s masks for having too much detail causing it to lose “the classic plain expressionless that made him so creepy” yet you’re quite fond of the Resurrection mask which possibly had the most “detail” and expression of any of the masks? Your critiquing of these films seems off. Just saying. People are so critical and can easily put things down rather than find the beauty in something different. Rob Zombie’s take on Halloween was both brilliant and original for being a remake. Personally as creepy as the original mask was/is to this day…if I was greeted by Zombie’s version of Myer’s in a truck stop bathroom i’d more less shit myself till there was nothing left inside to shit out. Just saying.

  4. Chris Almond says:

    I thought Halloween I, II, and H20 were the scariest.

  5. Anonymous says:

    How many mask u got michale i mean come on

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought that Halloween II(2009) and Halloween(2007) were scariest. He’s right the masks were terrifying.

  7. I loved 4 and 5 and hated 8

  8. Sabrina says:

    My favorite masks and movies were the 1st and 2nd. The 1st movie’s mask was simple and went with the character/movie so well. The story line was simple, and it’s shots were so creepy, that Michael just had to stand there in the shadows shocking us to death! The 2nd movie’s mask I understand because it IS actually the same mask from the first, just deteriorated badly under the bed. This fit though… Michael DID hit the ground and bled from the head. This gave him the same creepy simple vibes walking behind houses, with more of a stiff strut, and a beat up mask showing he did fucking fall from the balcony! VERY realistic, VERY vintage, PERFECT ending.

    Then– came the 3rd (wtf?! Cheesy, no Michael, LOL beyond) then the 4th… Personally, I think it should have stopped at movie 2, but then again, I always think the 3rd kind of separated the 1st and 2nd from the 4th – 8th. I loves H20 though, as a 20 year anniversary type thing.

    Anyways, the 4th movie.. Can you say constipated?! It literally looked like he had been waiting to take a shit from the 10 years recovering his burns and throughout the entire movie! Back to the beginning, we have to remember that Michael broke into the costume shop and just took whatever was off the shelf; not exactly his fault the late 80s sucked so much in music AND style! ;D Michael’s body just reminded me of a wrestler in shit costume. Odd. He’s meant to be skinny and plain. As for the makers of the movie, I like how they didn’t bring back the original mask cause those first two movies were the original. On the other hand, the masks fucking sucked and I missed them. Ps, since when did Michael care about his hair colour? He turns blonde for a second, and honey, that ain’t your color! Good editing!

    5th – I felt like I was watching a scarecrow. That nose I COULDN’T take my fucking eyes off of. I swear to god, I could get nightmares, but I didn’t feel like I was watching Halloween, just a very creepy killer.

    6th – Shouldn’t have happened, but the mask was like the original: classic.

    7th – Good movie, great body movement, but had more face changes than Kim Kartrashian.

    8th – Loved the creepy eyes, but horrifying movie. Mockery almost. Loved the death scenes though! Cellar scene ruled and loved how the house was like the ORIGINAL. (AHEM- wtf, movie 5?! Completely different home)

    The Rob Zombie remakes I don’t consider a part of the Halloween franchise, BUT as two movies separate from the originals, it was great. The mask in the first was creepiest.

    Bottom line is that the 1st and 2nd movies just had that classic, authenticity to make you jump without getting distracted over a constipated look to the killer’s face or the thousands of mask changed throughout the film. Michael Myers will always be a legend!

  9. Is the picture in the middle from H20 an actual pic from the movie ? If so what scene ?

    • deadlymovies says:

      Hi James. Yes all pics are from H20 of the varying mask types. Myers does a number of ‘wild eye’ expressions in this mask which is the re-shoot mask. I’m not entirely sure which shot this (I wrote this piece a while ago). My best bet would be toward the moment Jamie Lee chops his head off. But yes, absolutely from H20.

    • Angel Luna says:

      Laurie kicks Michael in the balls

      it happens like in 17 seconds in the video

      looks kinda ridiculous TBH, specially for a climatic scene

  10. Anonymous says:

    The first one will always be the Best the original is the Best even with it’s amazing sequels. So the first one, his mask was one it was scary and blank like it was supposed to be the I low key like the second cause he was more known and plus I like his appearing behind someone in the dark scenes but that mask was just brownish white and he was flooding that irritated me but he’s always gonna be my favorite and the Best.

  11. Dan says:

    The mask in part is the exact same mask. It’s under the producers bed for 3 years in a shoe box and Dick Warlocks face was wider as well. But in it was 100% the same mask.

  12. Anonymous says:

    you forgot that they used more than 1 mask in H4 and even altered them through the filming. It’s very noticeable and has been mentioned in other forums

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