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30 Behind The Scenes Photos From The Halloween Franchise


From one of the strangest franchises in horror history – parts 1-6 are cannon but not part 3, parts 7-8 are only cannon with parts 1-2, making parts 4, 5, and 6 irrelevant, part 3 isn’t cannon with anything, and there’s two remakes – comes 30 awesome behind the scenes photos featuring fanny packs, sweet hats, Paul Rudd, and a whole lot of soda. Get you synthesisers out; dada, dada, da, da, dada, dada, da, da..,

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Top 5 Worst Michael Myers Masks EVER

Crappy Michael Myers Costumes

A while back Deadly Movies did a complete run-down of every Michael Myers from every Halloween instalment (see here). Now, some of the official entries from the franchise are pretty piss-poor (Here’s looking at you H4 and H5 masks), but nothing compares to some of the quite ludicrous attempts at Michael Myers replica Halloween masks that surface online and in-stores every year around October. Here’s a look at the very best of the very worst: Continue reading

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The Many (often stupid) Faces of Michael Myers: PART 2

Deadly Movies | Halloween 2011

Deadly movies continues its look at over 30 years of Horror dominance by the pop-cult icon who has come to define this time of the year; Michael Myers. Last week we took a look at Michael circa 1978 through 1995 . This week we move forward into the super-budget (for the Halloween franchise) movies of the late 90s and 2000s, including of course, those ever so debated Rob Zombie H-remakes. Continue reading

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The Many (often stupid) Faces of Michael Myers: PART 1

Deadly Movies | Halloween 2011

Michael Myers; the ultimate boogeyman? No doubt. Hipster fasionista? Maybe (who knows what he gets up to for the rest of the year). Purveyor of facial continuity? No. Like a lady doesn’t wear the same dress two nights in a row, Michael Myers won’t be seen dead in the same infamous William Shatner mask for more than about five minutes before a nonsensical change is in order. Join Deadly Movies in a journey through the many faces of Michael Myers (part 1).

1: Halloween (1978), aka El Clásico

The classic Myers mask. Ideal in every way. The simplicity of painting a replica William Shatner mask white and hollowing out the eyes a-little, proved a master stroke in creating an icon of horror. The eye sockets allow for just enough recess of the actors eyes, the hair is just unkept enough, and there’s just the right amount of definition in the cheek bones and pout to convey chilling emotionless. So simple in fact, It begs the question; Why was this SO hard to recapture and recreate for the next 25 years? Continue reading

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