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Deadly Movies Vlog: Episode 2

On this week’s Vlog: Alfred Hitchcock finds me in the shower, none of my friends have seen The Hunger Games, Robocop gets a makeover, Chloe Moretz is the new Carrie, Childs Play gets two new instalments, and an old woman gets fed to some trolls.  Continue reading

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News: Two New Child’s Play Movies on the way

According to franchise star and genre icon Brad Dourif there will indeed be two future Child’s Play movies (or Chucky films as they’ve become in resent instalments). Movie Hole is reporting that at a panel talk which included Dourif (the voice of Chucky in all five movies as well as the original human character who’s soul inhabits the doll), Alex Vincent (the child plagued by Cheucky in the original Child’s Play), and Chis Sarandon (hero cop from Child’s Play and all round 80s legend), Dourif confirmed that there will be a remake and a spin-off, and that he is indeed involved in both. Let’s take a little look at these two options: Continue reading

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