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9 things learned from the newest Godzilla trailer (March 2014)

Godzilla March Trailer 8

For Godzilla fans May can’t come around quick enough. But March has bought about an unforeseen treat, a new Godzilla trailer with all new footage. So let’s jump straight into the type of over analysis CNN would be proud of. Btdubs (that’s ‘By The Way’ if you’re over 14 and have a semblance of education) this will only address new footage, for a full analysis of the previous trailer get your skinny white ass here. Onward nerds.., Continue reading

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Deadly Movies Alternative Oscars 2014

deadly-movies-oscars 2014

Like the real Oscars, but just with movies that you probably enjoyed more than the actual nominees* (*If you read blogs such as this. *This is pretty much a waste of both of our lives ). Carry on.., Continue reading

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13 Things Learned from the Godzilla 2014 Trailer (February Trailer)

Godzilla 2014 14 Vegas

Between now and May we’re probably not going to see much more in the way of clues and plot from Gareth Edwards (at least we hope not), so let’s get straight into dissecting what we can figure out from the newest full-length Godzilla (2014) trailer.., Continue reading

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Harold Ramis Dies Age 69


I feel compelled to write a little something today on the sad passing of actor, writer, and director Harold Ramis. I think I’m writing this as a little soul searching for the 10 year old me who would – very literally – watch a VHS copy of Ghostbusters daily. The cassette was a Christmas present from my parents and my first ever PG rated movie, which made me feel particularly grownup. I have no idea how old I would have been that Christmas, but I’d hazard a guess of five or six. I watched that movie so may times that the vinyl cover that holds the paper sleeve in place was sellotaped to the box and the tape itself was heavily scratched and scuffed from over viewing (except for the librarian scene which a skipped over for years).

Anyway, the point is that I watched and studied the faces of Ramis, Aykroyd, and Murray daily. As a child when you are completely unaware of the existence of celebrities and a filmmaking process, all you know are the faces of the people on screen. Later, of course, as I became aware of life outside Ghostbusters I would watch anything with these three in it leading me into the films of their peers; actors like Belushi, Chase, Martin, Moranis, and Candy, and their respective work, and so on. While many creative people contributed to the success and wonderment that is Ghostbusters, it was those repeat viewings, a process impossible to pre-VHS generations, where Ramis, Aykroyd, and Maurray became these unknown familiars to me, and, along with that VHS, I have taken them with me everyday since.

In short Harold Ramis’s body of work as an actor, writer, and director had a great effect personally on millions of people, including me as just one, and we are all eternally grateful and will miss him dearly as fans and distant admirers. I think if we all go out today and eat a 35 foott long Twinkie weighting approximately 600 lbs, Harold would be very happy.


How BIG is the new Godzilla?


The new Godzilla poster has sent many a tongue wagging over the sheer scale of the beast. At first glance he would appear to be twice the size (more if you consider the perspective) of the  Transamerica Pyramid, leaving you with the reasonable conclusion that Godzilla will come in at some 520 meters (1,700 feet). Wow! That’s a lot of Goji.  Continue reading

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Friday 13th Part 2 (2015) – Lessons to learn from Horror History


Brad Fuller, co-owner of Platinum Dunes, recently gave an interview to Crave Online discussing the various rumours surrounding the 2015  sequel to 2009s Friday the 13th. Whilst not confirming or denying anything, there are two interesting developments that will greatly shape the finished product: Firstly the widely reported rumour that the movie will follow the popular found-footage approach (think Paranormal Activity et al) and secondly, and most important of all, that they are exploring non Jason Voorhees options. Both or either of these moves would be bold change for the 12-movie franchise. But before ploughing ahead with either Platinum Dunes would be wise to consider recent horror history: Continue reading

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Deadly Movies Top Picks for 2014

2014 preview

Should auld shitty movies be forgot,  and never brought to mind? Yes, yes they should, as we skip merrily into the horror pastures new of 2014. So here’s Deadly Movies choice cuts of studio and indie offerings over the next 12 months. Continue reading

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10 Observations about Horror in 2013


What has 2013 told us about the state of play in horror, and where could that be taking us in 2014?

  1. Paranormal activities rule: Whether it’s exorcisms, hauntings, or possessions, this is the current go to for producers and audiences alike.
  2. Monsters suck: The Asylum is ruining the B-movie. Sharknado and co are not so bad that they’re good, they’re just bad. No.., they’re fucking awful pieces of shit that simply are not movies at all. We pin our hopes and dreams on Godzilla (2014).
  3. Too many Zombies: Indie filmmakes are still guilty of turning to the all-too-easy Zombie movie. It’s time to leave zombies to AMC and let them rest in peace for a decade.
  4. Twisty twists: The idea of a twist ending still blights the genre. Twists can be great, but not every horror movie needs one, and they were dead all along is neither big nor clever.
  5. RIP Remakes: It looks like the remake trend is finally over. Mainly because the well is dry. What next for the horror icons that find themselves in studio and ownership limbo?
  6. Digital death: While digital filmmaking has allowed many a filmmaker to realise a dream they may never have otherwise realised, it comes at a high price. Many Indie horror films now lack a visual depth and texture. And don’t get me started on CGI blood..,
  7. CGI blood: Must be eradicated from the face of the industry. Squibs dammit.., squibs, and buckets, and cannons!
  8. The Indies: The cream of the genre is still to be found in the Indies.., but those breakthrough directors are still finding it hard to really breakthrough.
  9. ET went home: Where’d all the scary aliens go yo?
  10. Home’s where the horror’s at: 2014 will see horror stay at home. Whether it’s home invaders or haunted basements, your house is the most unsafe of places (ironic as that’s where we’re consuming most of our movies these days).
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Godzilla 2014: Trailer Breakdown.

Wallpaper_Godzilla_2014_1600x1200_JPosters (1)

Gareth Edwards have delivered one tasty looking Godzilla trailer. Saying that this is still very much a teaser, with the big guy (wisely) kept very much in the shadows and debris. There are more than a few clues to be found though, so let’s have a little rummage around the trailer for clues.  Continue reading

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Evil Dead 2013: At times insatiable and inconsistent, irritating and wonderfully icky


It’s hard to  know what to expect from the Evil Dead remake: Homage? Remake? New take? Sequel? The answer is a bit of all and not enough of one. Like many a contemporary remake Evil Dead doesn’t quite have the conviction to play its own hand (but plenty of conviction to sever two). That doesn’t, however, mean that there isn’t plenty to enjoy and even marvel. Some spoilers ahead. Continue reading

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News No Halloween 3 in 2012 (now there’s a surprise)

Update September 2012: It had been confirmed back in April 2012 that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes had launched a bid to take over the creative for a new Halloween franchise on behalf of Dimension Films. However it was recently revealed by sources close to Bloody Disgusting that Platinum Dunes, after four months of pitching, have withdrawn themselves from the project. It would now appear that the men holding the franchise purse strings, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, are once again favouring a Halloween reboot/remake. I’m going to suggest that this won’t be another remake of Carpenter’s film but rather, a restart with a whole new take on the story.., and to be fair, at this point, that’s about the best we can hope for.

Original report from March 2012 below:

Back in June last year Deadly Movies reported that Dimension and the Weinstein’s had slated Halloween 3D for a September 2012 release (see here). The thing is there wasn’t much more to this project than a couple of simple directives from the boardroom; 1) It would be a continuation from Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2 (i.e. not another reboot), and 2) It would be in 3D because that’s what the kids are in to these days. Little was know about any creative plans aside from the fact that Drive Angry and My Bloody Valentine 3D scribes Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer had been commissioned to write the screenplay, and had submitted a complete vision. Today comes the news that The Weinstein’s have now pushed the project from their 2012 schedule, with little news as to where (or when) it’s been pushed to (Deadly Movies called this one in our 2012 horror preview). Are we looking at a September 2013 release? Maybe, but don’t hold your breath, especially as the official line is that screenplays are still being considered and sought. It would seem that Michael, along with fellow slasher alumni’s Freddy, Pinhead, and Jason are stuck in remake development hell. As sad as news as this is, perhaps a career sabbatical is the best prescription for Michael; I really couldn’t fathom how you’d bring him back from the finale of Halloween 2 anyway (see an artistic representation below of how a post H2 Michael may look). However, fear not Halloween fans, it’s been three years since Michael’s last killing spree and he’s never spent more that six cinematic years away from Haddonfield.

Check out 10 ways Deadly Movies readers suggested bringing Michael back from development limbo here

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Trailer for The Possession

This week Deadly Movies received the following UK trailer for The Possession, the Jeffery Dean Morgan supernatural flick about an evil Jewish spirit possessing/inhabiting a young girl. Based (loosely) on a true story of a malevolent demon trapped within a wooden Jewish artefact, the movie looks to add something new to the rather saturated possession sub-genre.

Here’s a note that may be of some interest: I have a personal investment in this movie as I spent a day as background (aka an extra) on the film, back when the production title was The Dibbuk Box, in full Hasidic Jewish costume which was incredibly fun (not actually being Jewish myself I found the get-up of particular novelty). So whether it’s good or not I’ll likely be pimping it anyway. Yes that’s me (left) in my background costume including some rather awesome payot (that’s those curly sideburns/sidelocks/sidecurls to you and me) . You can see the scene I was in at around the 1 min 12 seconds area of the trailer below. Check after the break for further plot info. Lionsgate releases The Possession in the UK on August 31st.

Continue reading

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New Paranormal Activity 4 Trailer

Deadly Movies just received the new trailer for Paranormal Activity 4, check it out below and hit the more button to read the full press release after the break, including the up and coming PA4 Facebook campaign which will determin the location of the movie’s premiere:

Continue reading

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