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Do you Remember When..,

.., The Empire State Building appears in the middle of 5th Avenue in ‘Independence Day’ (1996)?
Anyone who knows anything about the great New York City will know all about the grid system on which the vast amount of Manhattan is structured. Avenues run north and south, streets east and west. So on a clear day you can see miles down any of Manhattan’s avenues. With this in mind take another look at the awesome Independence Day (1996) and you’ll notice that the Empire State building (normally located along 5th Avenue between west 33rd and 34th) has shimmied sideways into the middle of 5th Avenue which, aside from the fact that it’s about to be leveled by alien terrorists, would cause one hell of a traffic problem. Obviously this was done to achieve the awesome spectacle of seeing landmark building exploding from top to bottom as in fact you can’t see the Empire Building at street level from ground to roof unless you’re standing right outside it. That of course is the magic of movies.
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