Deadly Movies Cameos: Frozen survivor Parker O’Neil (Emma Bell) in Hatchet 2 (2010)

Cameos are great, same universe character cameos are even better. Marvel have cornered the market in same universe character cameos; a trawl through almost any Marvel movie of the past decade will uncover cameos from other Marvel cannons. Hatchet and Frozen director Adam Green is a fan’s filmmaker, he knows how to deliver genre pleasing movies. It’s no surprise that his film’s are full of cameos, walk-on’s, small rolls, and significant rolls from some of horror and cult cinema’s most revered faces (Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Robert Englund, Danielle Harris et al). But this particular cameo in Hatchet 2 (2010) is one of my favourites as Green goes down the ‘same universe’ route placing the events of his other 2010 movie, Frozen, into the Hatchet timeline.  Appearing on Reverend Zombie’s (Tony Todd’) TV, Parker O’Neil, the sole survivor of Frozen’s wolf onslaught, tells reporters “I’ll never go skiing again“. The cameo is made all the funnier by the news caption which reads “Settles lawsuit with Mount Holliston“, giving us a little insight into post-Frozen events. Great stuff from Green who made these two movies almost back-to-back and uses this as a loving link between the two. Plus it was likely an easy pay cheque for Emma Bell and her agent too. Everyone’s a winner!

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