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Trailer for The Possession

This week Deadly Movies received the following UK trailer for The Possession, the Jeffery Dean Morgan supernatural flick about an evil Jewish spirit possessing/inhabiting a young girl. Based (loosely) on a true story of a malevolent demon trapped within a wooden Jewish artefact, the movie looks to add something new to the rather saturated possession sub-genre.

Here’s a note that may be of some interest: I have a personal investment in this movie as I spent a day as background (aka an extra) on the film, back when the production title was The Dibbuk Box, in full Hasidic Jewish costume which was incredibly fun (not actually being Jewish myself I found the get-up of particular novelty). So whether it’s good or not I’ll likely be pimping it anyway. Yes that’s me (left) in my background costume including some rather awesome payot (that’s those curly sideburns/sidelocks/sidecurls to you and me) . You can see the scene I was in at around the 1 min 12 seconds area of the trailer below. Check after the break for further plot info. Lionsgate releases The Possession in the UK on August 31st.

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