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Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #30: The Devil Times Five (1974)

deviltimesfiveThe 70s saw quite the splurge of evil children flicks, and while this offering has never made a splash as a game changer it did precede  the likes of The Brood (1979), The Omen (1976), Who Can Kill A Child (1976), and even same year killer baby movie It’s Alive (by all of four months). That being said what you you can expect here is a bunch of kids who couldn’t look less psychotic or menacing (but doesn’t that make them more scary? No. No it doesn’t) escaping from a crashed looney-bus and making their way across a snowly landscape (yeah that is cool) to terrorise a gaggle of adults held-up in their alpine lodge. Most of the kills are group beatings in slow motion, which is kind of creepy as well as an editing copout. Although there is one ingenious kill sequence where the kids dump a bunch of Piranha into a bath tub! The best part is probably the trouser bulge enducing bitch-fight between two of female adult leads.., which is nice. As for the kids, keep an eye out for 70s pop star Leif Garrett and his little sister Dawn Lyn as two of the adolescent slow-mo assassins.

PS, check out the badass Lobby Card from the movie below (with alt title The Horrible House on the Hill), which is actually quite disturbing.

That’s 30, count’em, 30 Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, here’s the other 29.


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