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A Collection of non Spoiler 5 Star Reviews of The Dark Knight Rises

Embargo lifted! As of today top critics have been permitted to publish their reviews of Chris Nolan’s final slice of Bat-pie ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘. The reaction has been one of unanimous plaudits on the scale, tone, emotional gravitas, cinematography, and practical action on a scale seldom seen since the silent era of Hollywood. Below you can read non-spoiler summaries from the likes of Variety, Rolling Stone, Time, The Guardian, IGN, Hollywood Reported, Empire, and Total Film. It would seem Nolan has managed to shake the part 3 hoodoo which has haunted so many trilogy directors and delivered something truly memorable which some early reviews are placing above both The Dark Knight (2008) and The Avengers (2012).., which is actually a monster achievement. Read and enjoy. Deadly Movies will be seeing The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday, a review will of course follow! Continue reading

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