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Do You Remember When..,

.., The Creature From The Black Lagoon got his scaly green ass set on fire (1954)?

There’s always those moments in movies you forget about, especially in awesome and notorious films. You tend to remember those famous moments – sure you remember the Ghostbusters defeating the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man but do you remember than Ray gets a blowjob from a ghost (and yes that actually happens in the movie, take a look here)? When it comes to this Universal classic monster movie ¬†you tend to recall those iconic moments like The Creature swimming upside-down stalking Julie Adams or carrying the poor swimsuit clad damsel through the corridors of his dark, dank cave (as immortalised in the infamous poster). So it always comes as a pleasant surprise upon re-watching that The Creature (aka stuntman Ben Chapman) gets set on fire and takes a swan-dive off the side of a boat, safely putting himself out in the recesses of his trusted Black Lagoon. Setting characters on fire is always a pretty cool spectacle for audiences. Setting a Universal classic monster on fire is all the more satisfying. And just to satisfy your burning (get it? Burning!?) curiosity, here’s a close up of The Creature having his face and tits well and truly barbecued.

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