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Don’t Fuck with the Artist Formerly Known as Anonymous Owl Head

Deadly Movies Reviews | ‘Stage Fright’ (1987)

The artist formerly known as Owl Head

It was a wet evening. In both the movie and my life. Time for me to rent an obscure 80s horror flick to whittle by the wet evening hours. ‘Stage Fright‘ is a movie I’ve had my eye on for a while. Another 80s situation slasher. If you love slasher movies then you thrive on the variables, because the actual plot, outcome, and characterisation vary little, if at all, between movies. Two of the most common variables in slasher movies are situation and killer, both of which became more inventive and convoluted as the 80s progressed. ‘Stage Fright‘ provided curious intrigue to both. Situation: A theatre production. Killer: An escaped asylum patient wearing a ginormous owl head. Yes owl head. Continue reading

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