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Do You Remember When..,

.., Reptilicus Eats a Cartoon Farmer in ‘Reptilicus’ (1961)?

Perhaps the only example in the history of cinema where a puppet dragon has eaten a cartoon farmer (the above still is actually taken from the movie). Denmark’s only giant creature movie Reptilicus has a massive cult following, especially in.., Denmark. It is without doubt an awful movie.., whether or not it falls into the so bad it’s good category is a matter of personal taste and blind national pride. You can find a plethora of information online about this movie and its history, such is its notoriety. But today we’re going to celebrate a landmark in movie effects when the US producers (History lesson: Reptilicus was shot in both Danish and English and there are subsequently two cuts containing some visual and plot differences) decided that, in order to up the ante, more gore was needed. One of the ways they bizarrely went about this was to draw (and I mean draw) a cartoon farmer inside (i.e floating around in front of..,) Reptilicus’s mouth during the beast’s assault on a farm. This decision is all the more baffling when you consider that they were actively trying to improve the movie in post. The main problem being that the monster was god awful, and any attempt at layering effects on top of the world’s smallest movie puppet only drew attention to the fact.

The best way to sum up the experience of Reptilicus can bee seen in this photo (left). An old housemate of mine, who, after enduring this Danish landmark, took it upon himself to defile my DVD case and make improvements with post-it-notes. The synopsis of the movie subsequently read: “Discover the true meaning of Danish cinema as a rubber toy from the dollar store brings my brain to its knees. Packed with no plot, dubbed actors, and acid vomit, Reptilicus proves that in Copenhagen any prat can make a movie. In this sub-par creature feature about a cold blooded 90-foot mess who’s time has come to piss me off. Fun Facts: It’s total shit. Special Features: A gun to take your life with.

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