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No New Pinhead Anytime Soon

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Pinhead Concept Art

So Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier of ‘Drive Angry‘ fame have told fans of pins and heads everywhere that their long gestured ‘Hellraiser‘ remake is off. Adding another failed project to the pile of could’ve-been Hellraiser reboots that must have their own closet somewhere in Dimension HQ. I for one don’t really care to see a Hellraiser remake, but I do admit that Farmer and Lussier’s designs for a new Pinhead and Cenobite posse are pretty cool (as seem above and an exclusive to Shock Till You Drop).

This bit’o news does raise the tantalising possibility of Farmer and Lussier returning to their previous Dimension project ‘Halloween 3D‘ which has a release date set for October 26th 2012 but no creative to speak of. This of course assumes that F&L’s relationship with Dimension hasn’t been torn to shreds by Cenobite hooks and chains. Deadly Movies for one is very interested to see how the heck Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween 2‘ can possibly be sequeled considering that Myers pretty much had no face left by the end of the movie. There is of course the fantastic idea of having a half-head Myers.

Which brings us onto the very unlikely, but none the less enjoyable to ponder on, prospect that some suit sitting around the Dimension board room may be thinking of cashing in on BOTH franchises at once. Could it be that a ‘Pinhead vs Michael‘ movie could become a reality? No.., not really. But never underestimate film studios’ penchant for making stupid decisions when it comes to the allure of the almighty dollar. They did indeed tentatively plan such a movie back in 2003 in the wake of the relatively successful ‘Freddy vs Jason‘ with Doug Bradley confirming to the world renound film publication The (Texas) Brownsville Herald that “At this point in fact, Dimension Films are planning a Hellraiser/Halloween crossover“. But at the moment, with the state of both franchises (I’m seriously surprised that they are pushing on with the current Halloween continuity) it’s hard to see where the audience for a ‘P vs M‘ movie would come from outside of the hardcore fan base. I’d like to see it simply because I think train-wrecks are fun.

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