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Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #28: Neon Maniacs (1986)

Neon Maniacs Poster 1986Aside from being a clear contender for most 80s sounding exploitation horror title ever (neon the decade’s palette of choice, and maniac appearing in at least a butcher’s-dozen* horror titles) this low-brow effort is actually very good fun. The Neon Maniacs are an odd bunch of Thriller rejects who live under The Golden Gate Bridge by day and kill teens by night. Their killing sprees are only haulted by their singular Achilles heel, WATER! That’s right they’re afraid of water yet live under a bridge. Go figure. Bad estate agent I guess. The members of the Neon Maniacs pose even more baffling questions. Let’s see there’s an ape man, a zombie motorcyclist in drag, a samurai, a Green Arrow esque archer, a deceased doctor, a dead soldier, and, my personal favourite, a Native American (amongst others I can’t recall). How the fuck did these Village People Of The Damned (awesome pun, you’re welcome) get together into a gang of the evil dead? Utterly nonsensical and brilliant! StarringĀ Leilani Sarelle (Who? You ask. Well remember in Basic Instinct Sharon Stone had a girlfriend who she made-out with in club toilets? Yeah her) as the only teen who can stop these Maniacs from becoming a gay super group, this is more than worth a watch.

*I can think of Maniac Cop 1 & 2, Maniac, Freeway Maniac, and Maniac Killer 1 & 2, all from the 80s. Meaning a Butcher’s Dozen is six by my calculations.

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