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Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of #34: Something Weird (1967)

something_weird_poster_1967In the words of Bear Grylls “let’s get into this“. The plot of this Herschell Gordon Lewis¬†nonsense sees an electrician facially disfigured by an electric shock leaving him with the power of ESP which in turn attracts the attention of a haggard old witch who promises to return his good looks in exchange for sexy times. As it happens this isn’t such a bad rub as the rancid old sorcerous happens to appear as an attractive, nubile vixen to the people around her. Imagine having sex with Margret Thatcher if she could transform into Jessica Alba. You’re still having sex with the iron lady but you’d get mad man points from your chums. Anyway this arrangement works out quite well for the burn victim (a kind of crapy Harvey Dent) until a kung-fu cop falls for the witch thinking she’s a Maxim cover-girl. Ahhh shit bro you in trouble now. There’s a lot of colour filters, tripy LSD sequences, and best of all a killer blanket; and I don’t mean Blanket Jackson. Of all the inanimate objects to try a make scary a blanket is a very brave choice. As the trailer says, “Only a madman could explain it all” – indeed.

So step right up, who’s seen this one?

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Blanket South Park

Sorry wrong blanket..,

something-weird blanket

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Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #33: Hausu (aka House – 1977)

hausu house poster 1977Quite possibly the most bizarre hypnomatic movie I’ve ever had the confusion of watching. Only the Japanese, and I mean, only the Japanese are capable of this level of tumour ensuring, surreal, pulp nonsense. And of course it just had to come from Toho, ¬†the studio behind the Godzilla movies (this movie even out-weirds Godzilla vs Hedorah 1971 – which is pretty fucking weird). Imagine if the The Mighty Boosh had sex with Muppet Labs.

Without even mentioning the plot this movie is just so out there, so unconventional, on every conceivable level that saying it’s a movie is one of the only things you can say with any degree of confidence. Nothing fits together at all. The filmmakers (clearly fucked up on all the drugs) deploy all manner of erratic editing techniques, colour filters, slow motion, stop motion, split screen, lurid expressionist sets and mat-paintings, a score that lurches between romanticism, saloon piano, swing, and children’s sing-along …, oh and Sesame Street style animation vignettes. It’s just total hallucination-town from start to end. The filmmakers seem determined to cram every possible aspect of genre, production, photography, and post production into one paper and smoke the shit out of it. It’s quite incredible.

If it’s worth mentioning the plot at all it revolves around a group of Japanese school girls visiting a secluded country house (via magic rainbow train and bus) only to be terrorised by a malevolent blood spewing cat, carnivorous furniture, talking fruit, and floating heads. It is, quite frankly, impossible to describe this movie adequately without yourself being hopped up on horse tranquilliser and antifreeze.

See below for floating heads and hyno-cats.

House Hausu 1977 cat

House Hausu 1977

house Hausu heads 1977

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