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Deadly Movies Investigates The Strange Case of When Pinhead Met Freddy and Jason

Deadly Movies Investigates, Case #4 | Pinhead in ‘Freddy vs Jason’ (2003)

Case #4

‘Freddy vs Jason’ has its flaws, lord knows it does. But regular Deadly Movies readers will know that I adore the film (read why here). Not only do I think it’s one of the greatest all time guilty pleasures (see the Top 10 here), but it’s also the best horror crossover that genre fans have ever been treated to. But genre fans, if you thought Freddy vs Jason came up short on the OMFG meter, then just wait and see what could have been. The rumour goes something like this: “Did you know they seriously considered adding Pinhead to the finale of Freddy vs Jason?“. This urban legend is just too juicy for Deadly Movies to ignore, so with dear stalker firmly on head, lets investigate when Pinhead almost met Jason and Freddy. Continue reading

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