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Do You Remember When..,

.., Jon Voight overacts his way up the Amazon in ‘ANACONDA’ (1997)?

Four time Oscar nominated, one time winner, Jon Voight puts on a display of scene chewing majesty in 1997’s ‘Anaconda’. Voight has never been shy when it comes to signing up to lesser quality projects. For every ‘Deliverance’ there is a ‘Bratz’, for every ‘Midnight Cowboy’ there is a ‘Tomb Raider’. Although in Deadly Movies’ opinion ‘Anaconda’ is solid monster fodder, it is without doubt b-movie fodder, and one imagines this is how Voight approached the script. Playing South America poacher, tracker, and all-round super ass-hole Paul Sarone, Voight delivers a performance wonderfully over the top, channeling Brando’s Don Corleone and Pacino’s Tony Montana with a massive pinch of self knowing parody. Watching Voight face-gurn his way through the movie you have to wonder what the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube thought they had to do to compete, and in fairness they don’t really try. Chewing on the scenery like a fat kid in a cake factory, Voight delivers lines like; “Presume? How you like I presume to throw you in the river? You like that presume?” (what does that even mean?!), with ‘Days of our Lives’ style subtlety. Great stuff.

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