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Captain America and The Raiders of the Lost Adventure Movie

Deadly Movies Reviews | Captain America (2011)

Chris Evans in 'Captain America' (2011)

It’s taken Marvel a long time to finally play one of their trump cards in Captain America, the man who is arguably their figurehead, their front-man, their DC’s Superman. His appearance on-screen now is a carefully planned event, here to really ramp-up the road to 2012s all-star Avengers movie. But marketing and scheduling aside, he’s also a hard sell. For one he seems a little old-fashioned for contemporary cinema, a product of American WW2 propaganda who’s patriotic name, outfit, and shield seem a little cheesy when compared to the rough and ready heros that thrive at today’s box-office. Then you have the undeniably sticky political headache for the studio of producing something so irrevocably pro-American in a decade where Americas foreign policy is making more enemies ┬áthan friends abroad. Continue reading

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