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Do You Remember When.., Killer Frisbee Almost Decapitates Hired Goon in Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)?

Frisbee Kill Hard Ticket to Hawaii 1

Never has the Hired Goons Union been so enraged as they were in 1987 when Ron Moss despatched one of the greatest ever named Goons ‘Shades’ (he wears sunglasses), with a razor-edged Frisbee. I mean death by Frisbee just doesn’t make for a good Goon eulogy. But that’s of no concern to this agent of ‘The Agency’ who comes up with an incredibly convoluted way to kill a man involving three frisbees, a man-bag, a Hawaiian shirt, and a tiny pair of Speedos with barely enough room for a packet of mixed nuts.  It’s got to be one of the great kills of the Andy Sidaris’s ‘L.E.T.H.A.L’ film series.  It may well be a kill that’s camper than a row of tents but it’s surprisingly gory with Shades losing his fingers before the blade-frisbee (Bladebee?) ends up embedded in his throat.  Glorious.

Frisbee Kill Hard Ticket to Hawaii 3Seriously.., image being killed by this guy..,

Frisbee Kill Hard Ticket to Hawaii 2

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