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News No Halloween 3 in 2012 (now there’s a surprise)

Update September 2012: It had been confirmed back in April 2012 that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes had launched a bid to take over the creative for a new Halloween franchise on behalf of Dimension Films. However it was recently revealed by sources close to Bloody Disgusting that Platinum Dunes, after four months of pitching, have withdrawn themselves from the project. It would now appear that the men holding the franchise purse strings, Bob and Harvey Weinstein, are once again favouring a Halloween reboot/remake. I’m going to suggest that this won’t be another remake of Carpenter’s film but rather, a restart with a whole new take on the story.., and to be fair, at this point, that’s about the best we can hope for.

Original report from March 2012 below:

Back in June last year Deadly Movies reported that Dimension and the Weinstein’s had slated Halloween 3D for a September 2012 release (see here). The thing is there wasn’t much more to this project than a couple of simple directives from the boardroom; 1) It would be a continuation from Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2 (i.e. not another reboot), and 2) It would be in 3D because that’s what the kids are in to these days. Little was know about any creative plans aside from the fact that Drive Angry and My Bloody Valentine 3D scribes Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer had been commissioned to write the screenplay, and had submitted a complete vision. Today comes the news that The Weinstein’s have now pushed the project from their 2012 schedule, with little news as to where (or when) it’s been pushed to (Deadly Movies called this one in our 2012 horror preview). Are we looking at a September 2013 release? Maybe, but don’t hold your breath, especially as the official line is that screenplays are still being considered and sought. It would seem that Michael, along with fellow slasher alumni’s Freddy, Pinhead, and Jason are stuck in remake development hell. As sad as news as this is, perhaps a career sabbatical is the best prescription for Michael; I really couldn’t fathom how you’d bring him back from the finale of Halloween 2 anyway (see an artistic representation below of how a post H2 Michael may look). However, fear not Halloween fans, it’s been three years since Michael’s last killing spree and he’s never spent more that six cinematic years away from Haddonfield.

Check out 10 ways Deadly Movies readers suggested bringing Michael back from development limbo here

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10 Ways to Restart the Halloween Franchise – As Suggested by Friends of Deadly Movies


With the news that Halloween 3D has been pushed from the Weinstein’s 2012 plans Deadly Movies took to twitter  (you can follow @DeadlyMovies here) to see what our fine friends thought were the best ways to restart our beloved franchise. Keep in mind that some of these are serious and well though out ideas, others may be.., less so. Continue reading

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Half-Head Michael Myers to be rolled back out for another performance

Deadly Movies | News

3D? I'll tell you what you can do with your 3D

So Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween 2‘ is getting a sequel. Slated for 2012, presumably August (what’s with the summer Halloween release dates? Go with October along with the rest of the horror world you douchebag cowards), ‘Halloween 3D‘ will apparently keep within the Rob Zombie continuity.., which is, to be honest, somewhat of a surprise. Not only was Zombie’s ‘Halloween 2‘ neither a critical, commercial, nor fanboy success (I quite liked it, read here for reasons why) it also ends rather abruptly with a VERY conclusive savaging of Michael’s face at the hands of baby sis Laurie. Which leaves us with two ways of bringing Michael back: 1) The good old slasher movie convention of “forget what happened at the end of the last movie, the boogeyman is still alive somehow.., yeah whatevs” – lets be honest, horror has been getting away with this one for decades. Then there’s Deadly Movies preferable option 2) Make Michael a ‘South Park‘ Britney Spears-style half-head (see below for artists impression). It’s new, bold, and fresh. Plus I think the inclusion of two stagehands to guide Michael through the movie (he does, remember, only have half a head) opens up all kinds of possibilities for new franchise characters (such as Stagehand #1, Ralf the stagehand, or Stagehand #2).

What do you think?

Michael Half Head Myers

Thanks to my chums over at Horror Society for the original South Park pic

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