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Presenting Regina Carol (1943 – 1992)

Deadly Movies Icons

Regina Carrol was a former nightclub singer who picked up the mantra of ‘The Freak Out Girl’ largely due to the movies she made with director husband Al Adamson. Together they mad a strew of horror and exploitation films throughout the 1970s. Keen eyed viewers will also be able to spot Carrol’s father Barney Gelfan in many of her films. For horror fans the freak-out-girl’s career pinnacle is probably 1971’s Dracula vs Frankenstein where she starred opposite horror legend Lon Chaney Jr. Regina mostly sings, lipsynchs, and dances her way through most of her movies in that sexy 70s grindhouse manner that Deadly Movies has a penchant for. Oh yeah she also dated Elvis. One of the true heroins of exploitation horror, and here are Deadly Movies’ personal highlights:

Satan’s Sadist (1969): Regina seduces violent biker men with sexy time table dance.
Dracula vs Frankenstein (1976): Regina singing and battling an axewielding Lon Chaney.
Brain of Blood (1972): Regina bizarreness involving the classic body switch and brain transplant.
Blood of the Ghastly Horror (1972): Regina terrorised by a whacked out Vietnam Vet with a homicidal microchip in his brain.
Girls for Rent (aka ‘I Spit on your Corpse’ 1974): Uncredited role for Regina in killer women flick
Dr Dracula (1978): Regina, John Carradine, the Occult, and sort of Dracula called Anatole.

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Presenting John Agar (1921-2002)

Deadly Movies Icons

Deadly Movies salutes another icon of 50s monster movies. John Agar began his movie career in Westerns alongside real life bride Shirley Temple. The 50’s would see Agar hit a rich vein of form in b-movie horror and sci-fi. Agar also has a strange link to King Kong, appearing in a small cameo role in Dino De Laurentiis’ 1976 Kong remake and strangely an Arkansas dinosaur theme park was named ‘John Agar’s Land of Kong’. During the 50’s Agar battled the Gill Man, the Mole People, the Pupet People, a giant brain, and a giant spider. This is a man for whom no horror was too great, presenting John Agar:

Revenge of The Creature (1955)
Tarantula (1955)
The Mole People (1956)
The Brain From Planet Arous (1957)
Attack of The Pupet People (1958)

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