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Top 5 Ghost Ship Movies

There’s something wonderfully romantic about movies set at sea. Whether it’s Quint, Hooper and Brody hunting down that shark, Carl Denham sailing off to Skull Island, or Captain Nemo’s deranged submarine. The sea is a great setting for horror and sci-fi and the ghost ship is one of horror’s more underused plot devices. So avast ye scurvy dogs, gather up ye booty and cast away upon the fine frigate Deadly Movies in a¬†celebration¬†of the Top 5 best ghost ship movies.., or shove it right up ye poop deck. How are those nautical puns working out for you? Continue reading

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Do You Remember When Female Waldo (Wenda?) Appears in ‘Cruise Into Terror’ (1978)?

Where’s Waldo/Wally? was first published back in 1987. The concept, as you well know, is to find the stripy shirted nerd amongst a group of sketchy randoms. But dear friends, imagine my wonder when, whilst watching the 1978 TV movie Cruise Into Terror, I realised that Wenda (the female Waldo/Wally) had made her media debut some nine years prior on this less than illustrious TV movie. Take a look at the above image for all the proof you’d ever need. Where’s Walda? On a fucking boat off the coast of Mexico searching for an Egyptian sarcophagus .., that’s where.

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