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Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard of #27: Bloody New Year (1987)

bloody_new_year_1987Borrowing it’s name from horror themed favourites like Bloody Birthday, this little known British exploitation offering is actually a rather neat effort and arguably the best of the (very limited) New Years holiday horror flicks. When a bunch of English teens head out to sea (questionable judgment call that one) to escape a bunch of fair-ground yobos they’re marooned on a mysterious island populated by a singular hotel caught in a time warp of never-ending New Years Eve complete with zombie/demon types. Get yourself through the slow opening third and you’ll be rewarded with a rather satisfying horror film when the action finally kicks-in at the hotel. There’s also a bad-ass poster right out of the VHS video nasty era .Who knew Britain would lay claim to one of the horror holiday seasons?

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