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Deadly Movies Best Horror of 2013

best of 2013

2013 hasn’t really been a banner year for horror. You get the feeling that horror cinema is in a real transitional stage. We’re certainly over the remake hump that dominated the 2000s and therein studio horror output has slowed dramatically. The void hasn’t quite been filled by the Indie scene, which too often continues to rely on tried and tested genre blueprints. Paranormal activities continue to rule at the box-office with hauntings, possessions, and exorcisms dominant with the popular audience. So what of the best of the year? Here’s what tickled my wobbly bits over the past 12 months: Continue reading

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10 Observations about Horror in 2013


What has 2013 told us about the state of play in horror, and where could that be taking us in 2014?

  1. Paranormal activities rule: Whether it’s exorcisms, hauntings, or possessions, this is the current go to for producers and audiences alike.
  2. Monsters suck: The Asylum is ruining the B-movie. Sharknado and co are not so bad that they’re good, they’re just bad. No.., they’re fucking awful pieces of shit that simply are not movies at all. We pin our hopes and dreams on Godzilla (2014).
  3. Too many Zombies: Indie filmmakes are still guilty of turning to the all-too-easy Zombie movie. It’s time to leave zombies to AMC and let them rest in peace for a decade.
  4. Twisty twists: The idea of a twist ending still blights the genre. Twists can be great, but not every horror movie needs one, and they were dead all along is neither big nor clever.
  5. RIP Remakes: It looks like the remake trend is finally over. Mainly because the well is dry. What next for the horror icons that find themselves in studio and ownership limbo?
  6. Digital death: While digital filmmaking has allowed many a filmmaker to realise a dream they may never have otherwise realised, it comes at a high price. Many Indie horror films now lack a visual depth and texture. And don’t get me started on CGI blood..,
  7. CGI blood: Must be eradicated from the face of the industry. Squibs dammit.., squibs, and buckets, and cannons!
  8. The Indies: The cream of the genre is still to be found in the Indies.., but those breakthrough directors are still finding it hard to really breakthrough.
  9. ET went home: Where’d all the scary aliens go yo?
  10. Home’s where the horror’s at: 2014 will see horror stay at home. Whether it’s home invaders or haunted basements, your house is the most unsafe of places (ironic as that’s where we’re consuming most of our movies these days).
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