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Top 10 Asshole Santas from Film and TV.

Ho Ho Fucking Ho, Merry Shitmas (is what any of these uncouth vagabonds would likely say)


The jolly fat man and all round good samaritan, Santa Claus, has been the icon of goodwill (and Coca-Cola) for generations of children (and soda junkies). Personally I love Santa and won’t have a bad word said about him. However to every yin there is an inevitable yang. So here’s a look at Deadly Movies’ Top 10 Santa A-holes, the type of guys who come in through your downstairs window or shit down your chimney.., Continue reading
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Top 10 Deadly Movies Christmas Moments: 7 Days to Go

7 Days To Go | Bill Goldberg decapitates nativity Jesus in ‘Santa’s Slay’ (2005)

Behind you Jebus!

Former WCW champ Bill Goldberg is on surprisingly good form as Santa in Santa’s Slay, serving up all manner of festive feasts including child decapitation, spearing James Caan, and setting fire to a woman’s head. All good stuff. But for Deadly Movies the highlight has to be the imagery of Santa decapitating Jesus. Ok admittedly it’s a statue Jesus, but I can’t think of another movie where this happens, and for that I salute you evil wrestler Santa.

Oh come let us behead hiiiiiiim, Chriiist the Lord

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