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Great Moustaches & Beards In Horror History 1964: Yoshifumi Tajima in Mothra vs Godzilla

Yoshifumi Tajima Mothra Godzilla

Now I’m no fancy-pants World War II historian, but I know a Hitler ‘tache when I see one.., and this sir is a Hitler tache. To be fair to Mr Tajima (or Mr Tajima Sir as an 80s movie would call him) the Hitler moustache is an actual facial hair style known as The Toothbrush Moustache – although butthole moustache would be a better term as I wouldn’t attack my oral hygiene with that upper-lip turd. The Toothbrush Moustache isn’t exclusive to everyone’s least favourite homicidal Nazi maniac, it was of course sported by Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jordan (yes at one time he fashioned one), Robert Mugabe (another wanker), select hipsters, and any eleven year-old with a black comb. In this case Mr Tajima struts around the place all full of himself because he’s captured Mothra’s egg; little does he know, Godzilla has no time for Tootbrush Moustache’s and is about to get all atomic breath up in this beatch. Saying that old Mr Tajima Sir does put in a scenery chewing performance of epic proportions as he gurns his way through the movie with gusto. So let us remember Mr Tajima Sir, not for his Nazi sympathising face fashion, but rather a bumbling buffoon with a half-hearted dirty sanchez.

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Great Moustaches & Beards Spielberg Special! Top 5 Spielberg Beardo Weirdos

Deadly Movies | Top 5’s

Steven Spielberg is a purveyor of fine beards. He himself sports one almost religiously, as do close pals George Lucas, Tobe Hooper, and John Landis. Indeed all of these men are fine alumni of 1970s fashion, a time when beards ruled the earth. Granted, Spielberg seems to have fallen somewhat out of love with man face-pubes these days, preferring his leading men with the smooth scrotal faces of Cruise, Hanks, and DiCaprio. But from the earliest days of his career the great auteur has always enjoyed photographing the gravitas that only beards can bring to the big screen. Join Deadly Movies in hairy adventure through Spielberg’s greatest on-screen beardy moments: Continue reading

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