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Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of #7

‘What are Those Strange Drops of Blood Doing on Jennifer’s Body?’(1972), aka ‘Perche Quelle Strane Gocce di Sangue sul Corpo di Jennifer?’

Beautiful models, beautiful naked models, beautiful naked models getting stabbed up. Ahh it must be a ‘Giallo’ movie. The Italian ‘Giallo’ movies of the 1970’s are recognisable by their use of beautiful women, bright colours, even brighter blood, and cloaked killers. They have that irresistible and undeniable 70’s euro-horror vibe. This Giuliano Carnimeo audaciously titled movie (sadly ‘shortened’ in some US versions to The Case of the Bloody Iris) is symptomatic of the best giallo movies. Content wise this film has all the trappings of whacked out horror and some; you’ll get boobies, porn obsessed neighbours, disfigured cupboard people, accommodating lesbians, horny swinging husbands, and eccentric detectives. It’s a who-did-it of ever escalating, ever barmy suspects. Which one is killing sexy girlies and stalking the even sexier Jennifer (Edwige Fenech who, by the way, pops up in Hostel 2 still looking remarkable)? There’s some pretty good kills, the most infamous being the elevator death, which occurs (sadly) pretty early on. Above average, and definitely fun, 70s euro-shlocker.

OK who’s seen this Italian gem? Step forward.

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