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Do You Remember When…,

…, Harry has man boobs in ‘Jaws’ (1975)

You’re gonna need a bigger boat” may well be Jaws‘ most infamous line but who could ever forget Police Chief Brody’s ultimate zinger “That’s some bad hat Harry!“. The offending hat is a lopsided rubber swimming cap that sits unevenly atop the head of one of Amity’s leading citizens Harry Wiseman. Played by Martha’s Vineyard local Affred Wilde, one can’t help but be distracted by his wonderful old man man-boobs that have a little wobble when given a little pat dry. Fans of Harry and his man-boobs can delight in the knowledge that all three of them make a fleeting appearance in Jaws 2 (1978). Sadly the first two Jaws movies were local man Alfie’s only saunter into the world of acting. However Harry and his hat have been imortalised by Bryan Singer’s TV production company ‘Bad Hat Harry Productions‘, the logo for which features Singer, Harry, and importantly, and prominently, the man-boob twins. Deadly Movies salutes you Harry (and your famous moobs).

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