Harold Ramis Dies Age 69


I feel compelled to write a little something today on the sad passing of actor, writer, and director Harold Ramis. I think I’m writing this as a little soul searching for the 10 year old me who would – very literally – watch a VHS copy of Ghostbusters daily. The cassette was a Christmas present from my parents and my first ever PG rated movie, which made me feel particularly grownup. I have no idea how old I would have been that Christmas, but I’d hazard a guess of five or six. I watched that movie so may times that the vinyl cover that holds the paper sleeve in place was sellotaped to the box and the tape itself was heavily scratched and scuffed from over viewing (except for the librarian scene which a skipped over for years).

Anyway, the point is that I watched and studied the faces of Ramis, Aykroyd, and Murray daily. As a child when you are completely unaware of the existence of celebrities and a filmmaking process, all you know are the faces of the people on screen. Later, of course, as I became aware of life outside Ghostbusters I would watch anything with these three in it leading me into the films of their peers; actors like Belushi, Chase, Martin, Moranis, and Candy, and their respective work, and so on. While many creative people contributed to the success and wonderment that is Ghostbusters, it was those repeat viewings, a process impossible to pre-VHS generations, where Ramis, Aykroyd, and Maurray became these unknown familiars to me, and, along with that VHS, I have taken them with me everyday since.

In short Harold Ramis’s body of work as an actor, writer, and director had a great effect personally on millions of people, including me as just one, and we are all eternally grateful and will miss him dearly as fans and distant admirers. I think if we all go out today and eat a 35 foott long Twinkie weighting approximately 600 lbs, Harold would be very happy.


Top 5 Terrible Godzilla Suits (aka Godzilla at his worst) 最悪のゴジラスーツ


In 28 movies stretching nearly 60 years Godzilla has shown remarkable staying power in pop culture. Neither Japan nor Hollywood have been able to replicate that kind of longevity in sci-fi or horror, in fact, outside of James Bond, in any genre. Just think, Godzilla has more movies to his name than King Kong, Alien, Predator, Jaws, and Jurassic Park combined, with numbers to spare. However, It’s been a wonder, at times, how the King of Monsters ever got this far when you consider some of the entries. So lets take a look at some of the very worst Godzilla incarnations to date (remember to check out Deadly Movies Top 5 Godzilla Suits too here): Continue reading

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How BIG is the new Godzilla?


The new Godzilla poster has sent many a tongue wagging over the sheer scale of the beast. At first glance he would appear to be twice the size (more if you consider the perspective) of the  Transamerica Pyramid, leaving you with the reasonable conclusion that Godzilla will come in at some 520 meters (1,700 feet). Wow! That’s a lot of Goji.  Continue reading

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Top 5 Godzilla Suits (aka the top badass incarnations of the king) 最高のゴジラスーツ


It’s been 60 years, 28 movies, and one Matthew Broderick since Godzilla first munched and crunched his way across Japan. In that time the King of the Monsters has had many a career high and low. Each movie sees a different take on the creature, often using a different suit design. So join Deadly Movies, sushi firmly in cheek and sake snugly in enema, as we take a look at the greatest Godzilla suits to date: Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day: Top 5 Movie Hookers!


Nothing says “I love you” more on on the day of St Valentine than flowers, chocolates, and a hooker for the night. That’s why Deadly Movies, being all about the romance, invites you to dress up to the nines and hit the streets to celebrate celluloid’s very finest ladies of the night.  Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day: The Top 5 Horror Movie Deaths During Sex Scenes!

St Valentine’s Day, a day for love, romance, and gifts.., and night for cashing in all that goodwill for sexy sex time. Sex is all well and good, but it doesn’t come without risks (and I’m not talking Teen Mom or GUM clinic type risks), oh no. I’m talking the type of risk where trying to get your willy wet is more likely to end with getting your willy whacked (and I mean Italian American gangster whacked). So keep a firm hold of your dangly parts as Deadly Movies celebrates(?) the Top 5 horror movie death scenes during sex; because fornication can be fatal. (Reader beware, there are some sexually explicit photos in this post.., Happy Valentine’s Day!) Continue reading

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Crappy Valentines Day: Top 5 Heart Ripped Out Scenes!

Bloody Heart in HandValentines Day is the scariest date on the calendar for your body’s most important organ. If it’s not being shot at all day by a flying baby archer It’s in severe risk of being torn straight from It’s moist, wet home. Like a cranky Russian landlord Deadly Movies is pinning an eviction notice to your chest because your heart’s residency inside you is coming to an abrupt end. So plan a good going away party and take stock of five great ways to watch your own heart get the hell out of dodge as Deadly Movies celebrates these great ventricular escapologists:

Continue reading

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Top 5 Deadly Climbing Movies

cliffhanger 1993

You can’t climb a mountain without breaking a few heads, or at least that what my pun professor (Professor Pun) told me. Let’s get right into the definition here; We’re talking about movies set on mountains that largely include a people dying or at least in severe peril whilst climbing. The type of movie that’ll do for climbing what Psycho did for bathrooms. Got it? Good. Onwards (or upwards?).., Continue reading

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Netfixed: The Retreat (2011)

The Retreat 2011

The Retreat poses an ever growing and important question to fans of genre cinema; Are you happy to see well made versions of the exact same movie in different surrounds or are you willing to accept new and unfamiliar approaches to the path well trodden? The Retreat is a lovingly crafted, beautifully shot, and excellently acted piece of British genre cinema. Director Carl Tibbetts and his cinematographer Chris Seager present a fantastically photographed piece, showing off the beauty of the Scottish Outer Hebrides (plate shots) and Gwynedd Wales (the majority of the movie) in a glossy blue/grey palette. Actors Thandie Newton, Cillian Murphy, and Jamie Bell all deliver astute performances in their native accents. So what’s the problem you miserable bastard? Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes Photo of the Month: Leo’s got the Critters

Awesome Behind The Scenes Photos from Horror Movies (29)Before The Basketball Diaries, before What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and even before This Boys Life, Leonardo DiCaprio was being chased around his apartment building by muppets in 1991s Critters 3. Here’s Leo getting his fingers wet years before Blake Lively and Erin Heatherton would let him do the same – all teenage boys have to start somewhere, and I’ve seen worse.., with more body hair too. The movie was shot in LA with Jason Bakutis taking on the majority of the puppeteering. Critters 3 went on to have a resurgence on DVD, repackaged as ‘starring Leonardo DiCaprio‘.

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Friday 13th Part 2 (2015) – Lessons to learn from Horror History


Brad Fuller, co-owner of Platinum Dunes, recently gave an interview to Crave Online discussing the various rumours surrounding the 2015  sequel to 2009s Friday the 13th. Whilst not confirming or denying anything, there are two interesting developments that will greatly shape the finished product: Firstly the widely reported rumour that the movie will follow the popular found-footage approach (think Paranormal Activity et al) and secondly, and most important of all, that they are exploring non Jason Voorhees options. Both or either of these moves would be bold change for the 12-movie franchise. But before ploughing ahead with either Platinum Dunes would be wise to consider recent horror history: Continue reading

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Movies You’ve Probably never Heard Of #35 Crack in the World (1965)

crack in the world 1965Here’s a movie that awkwardly straddles the great sci-fi movies of the 1950s and the big budget disaster films of the 70s. It’s a pretty damn wacky plot: A bunch of international scientists have dug themselves a bunker 2 miles underground and concocted a ludicrous plan to release an endless energy supply from the Earth’s core by detonating a nuclear bomb! SCIENCE! Obviously this goes tits-up and the lab-coats have set off a chain reaction that could literally split the earth in two. Queue even more SCIENCE and nuclear bombs to fix the solution (nuke the crack caused by a nuke, that’ll fix it)- including one particularly terrible miniature shot of the morons nuking a volcano! Remember that episode of the Simpsons where Homer fixes Lisa’s VCR with fireworks? Yeah, like that. Anyway, after more nuking of nature, a whole lot of stock-footage, and a love triangle that’s just plain weird, the scientists succeed in not destroying the world.., sort of.., a huge chunk of the planet explodes out into space to create a second Moon (which is kind of cool). These mother fuckers should be arrested! Anyway, next time your cable brakes don’t call on these assholes to fix it. Fire in the hole!

You can check out all 35 Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard Of right here

Insane Clown Possy Fireworks

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Net-Fixed: Scenic Route (2013)

Netfix 1

Every week Deadly Movies will trawl through the titles available to stream on Netflix to weed out the good from the bad. As you may have noticed the majority of horror, sci-fi, and monster movies on Netflix suffer from that all too familiar disease of the 3 star rating. Meaning that a) our expectations of the genre are so low we rate everything as ‘OK‘ or b) there’s some genuine hidden gems out there that are underrated by the masses. Or of course, both. So let’s get crackalackin with 2013’s Scenic Route. Continue reading

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