Independent Filmmakers

Want Help With Exposure and Publicity?

If you have an Independent, Low-Budget, or Short film and would like help with exposure then get in touch with Deadly Movies by leaving a comment with contact details below.

Here’s what Deadly Movies can offer you:

  • Published Interviews on Deadly Movies
  • Published trailers and clips on Deadly Movies
  • Published stills, photos, and poster artwork on Deadly Movies
  • Links to your official website
  • Exposure on the website as well as links on Deadly Movies twitter account

Here’s what Deadly Movies wants from you:

  • A couple of exclusives. A photo, a clip, an interview etc exclusive to Deadly Movies

Simply leave a comment below, along with contact details, and I will get in touch shortly. You can also find me on twitter here

4 thoughts on “Independent Filmmakers

  1. John Conway says:

    I am the director/ writer of the short film “Blockhead”, which won best short film at the Phoenix Fear Film Festival in February. I would like to get a possible write up about it. If interested I can email you links to stills and the trailer. Thanks for your time,

  2. scott says:

    I have a feature film entitles ‘The Tapes’ which we have just finished editing. The film was shot for a ridiculously low budget but the quality of the film has taken us past all our expectations. It is ‘shot for real ‘ footage, involving three kids discovering a coven of devil worshippers. /the film runs at 77 mins but we are trying to gain a bit of exposure for the film, can you help – below is a teaser trailer we have cut. I’d love it if you would help us get a bit of exposure for the film on your site or put the trailer on your facebook and twitter pages. – Any help or indeed advice would be greatly recieved.

    many thanks.

    In February 2008 – police find several video tapes at the scene of a brutal crime. 3 youngsters shooting a Big Brother audition stumble upon a wierd ritual taking place. The parents of the victims have given their consent to bring you The Tapes. See what they saw.

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