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The Mother of the 1980s

Deadly Movies Connections, Mary Ellen Trainor

Now this may not be an actress you’d connect with Deadly Movies, but take a moment and consider this; your fascination with horror, monsters, and sci-fi often starts with the fantasy films you watched as a child. And if you, like me, were a child of the 1980s then you were treated to a plethora of awesome 80s sci-fi fantasy films. None more-so inspirational to horror freaks-in-the-making than The Goonies (1985) and The Monster Squad (1987). Strangely enough one woman can, rather awesomely, lay claim to being the mother of both leaders’ of the Goonies and The Monster Squad, two true revolutionaries Mikey and Sean. That matriarch supreme is of course Mary Ellen Trainor. Trainor appeared as both Mrs Walsh (The Goonies) and Mrs Crenshaw (The Monster Squad) respectively. Not only that, she was also the mother of the petulant “we want He-Man” kid in Ghostbusters 2 (1989). If you needed a mother to a dysfunctional 80s family with a headstrong young boy hellbent on adventure, then Trainor was your woman.
Now if that’s not Deadly enough for you, Trainor also appeared in Scrooged (1988) and an episode of Tales from the Crypt (All Through the House, season 1, 1989). But if the 80s is really your thing then shove this in your knowledge box: Trainor also appeared in Back to the Future parts 1 and 2 (1984 and 1989) as Tv news anchor and Officer Reese, all four Leather Weapon films (1997 – 1998) as Dr Woods, and Die Hard (1988) as Gail Wallens. Not bad aye? Oh and she was married to Robert Zemeckis until 2000, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with it.
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