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Exit 13 Production News

Deadly Movies Indie Scene | Exit 13

Exit 13

Last time Deadly Movies spoke to Indie Filmmaker Andretti Dante he was in the midst of ‘Book of 1,000 Deaths‘ now he’s gearing up for his latest venture, road-trip horror ‘Exit 13‘. Hit ‘more’ for a full plot synopsis, as well as ways in which you can support the production and the perks available for investors.

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Deadly Movies speaks to Director Rene Perez about ‘The Dead and the Damned’

Deadly Movies Indie Scene | The Dead and the Damned

The Dead and the Damned

Rene Peraz has created a cracking zombie flick. I usually die a little inside when I receive another zombie horror to look at. However this is a distinctly different beast. A period horror set in the Wild West, ‘The Dead and the Damned‘ is well shot, well acted, and very well executed, a feat lost on most Indie horror films (especially zombie movies). I genuinely have no hesitation in saying ‘The Dead and the Damned‘ is hands down the best Indie zombie film I’ve ever been asked to look at (and I get sent a lot  of  bloody zombie films!). This week Deadly Movies chatted to the director Rene Perez about the movie, gore effects, low budget filmmaking, zombies, cowboys, and all things in-between. Click more to read the full interview as well as more exclusive images, poster art, and trailer link. Continue reading

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Stag Night of the Dead

Deadly Movies Indie Scene | Stage Night of the Dead (2010)

Zombie Indie movies are a hard sell. Why? because the Indie market is full of them. When George Romero is asked for tips on breaking into the movie industry he offers “whatever you do don’t make a zombie film”. HOWEVER! ‘Stag Night of the Dead‘ is one the more entertaining Z-Indie flicks I’ve seen in a while. Key to this are production and concept.

I whole heartedly commend the production effort on display here. Sets and setting are fantastic, really making the most of a good location (a former US Army base in the UK). As for the concept, it’s wonderfully playful. The title may conjure images of drunk lads encountering the undead of Majorca, but rather we get the neat concept of zombies used for gun fodder on a kind of zombie-hunt paintball farm. Imagine if you will that, as the movie suggests, that a zombie outbreak occurred like the bird-flu pandemic, and has now passed. Would a civilized society really use walkers for entertaining target practice? Of course it would. And that’s the cleverness of the concept. This isn’t an apocalypse, but rather an outbreak has come and gone, and now Zombies are used for such frivolousness as paintball-style Stag Weekends. Some of the film’s publicity likes to liken it to ‘Shaun of the Dead‘, a grand claim yes, but this take on a zombie outbreak could certainly exist in the same narrative universe as ‘Shaun of the Dead‘.

The Stag’s are a decent bunch of actors, characterised to be a typical group of Brit, booze drenched, Stags. The stripper (the very lovely Sophie Lovell Anderson) and father in law are a great addition and help break up the macho dialogue. Speaking of which, the characters are growers, one in particular ‘Ronnie’ the stereotypical DJ-gangster-wannabe develops nicely from unbearably annoying to truly hilarious. Ronnie pouring his heart out to a female zombie was one of highlights for me.

There’s some decent kills and kill effects.., a hand through the back of a head and out the mouth was well executed. Only the Ghostbusters style stun guns let the concept down for me. But that’s nitpicking. Again in the world of Indie zombie horror this is aiming pretty high and is executed to a very high standard and to admirable effect.

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Deadly Movies Interviews Star and Producer of ‘Mark Macready’ Ryan McDermott. Exclusive to t5m

Deadly Movies Indie Scene | ‘Mark Mcready and The Archangel Murders’

Deadly movies takes a look at British Indie short ‘Mark Macready and The Archangel Murders’ and chats to actor and producer Ryan McDermott about the Indie Movie scene, using social networking, and the future for Mark Macready. Click here to read the interview, exclusive to t5m

Mark Macready and The Archangel Murders

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Deadly Movies Takes a Look at ‘Book of 1,000 Deaths’

Deadly Movies Indie Scene | Book of 1,00 Deaths

'Book of 1,000 Deaths'

This week Deadly Movies had the good fortune to catch up with Indie filmmaker Andretti Dante to chat about his new feature ‘Book of 1,000 Deaths‘.Below you can read an exclusive interview with Andretti and feast your peepers on some production stills that you’ll only find here at Deadly Movies (photos courtesy of Raul Jesus Guzman Photography).

Synopsis: Lila The Legend Teller (adult film star Misti Dawn) and her frisky sidekick Whiskers bring you four stories that are more than just myths or fairy tales ….these are urban legends, with endings that are far from happy.

DM: Tell us a little bit about the short that lead to ‘Book of 1,000 Deaths’ and the process of arriving at the point of shooting a feature.

AD: Well I had this idea to start doing a web-series called ‘Urban Legendz‘ which every few weeks I would drop a new episode based off urban legends. So we shot the 1st one which was ‘Kidney Jacking‘, the legend where you wake up in a tub full of ice with your kidney missing. The response was so huge that I ended up holding off on doing the second episode. Everyone kept saying to make it into a feature film. So for about a year I was thinking of how to make it into a feature that would be different and something off the wall. Then little by little I started to develop it in my head. Because with me I don’t write a script until I play it out in my head all the way through, then I write it. So after a year this past January I had a meeting with ShavSha Israel and I pitched her a bunch of scripts and ideas I had. Urban Legendz was the last one I pitched and without any hesitation she said “That’s your next movie and you’re doing that movie with me.” So I had heard enough, that was the movie that I needed to do next. I went and wrote the script in two weeks. Turned it in to ShavSha and the rest is history it’s still a little unreal to be on set shooting the feature right now as we speak.

DM: Funding Indie movies is more than a little tricky. You’re raising money online, how’s that working out and how can people help?

AD: YES! That’s the hardest part of any film, to have the proper funding to make a film, especially indie films. We started up a fan funding page with Where fans can donate money to help make the film and receive some cool gifts in return like the DVD, soundtrack, posters, signed merchandise from the film many other cool gifts. It’s a cool way to get the fans involved and also helps get the money we need to make the film we want to make. If people are interested the can go to

DM: You’ve gone for the multi story narrative, should we expect four separate stories like ‘Twilight Zone The Movie’ or something a little more inter-woven like ‘Trick R Treat’?

AD: Yeah it’s four different legends, some more familiar legends and a couple of newer legends. ‘Book Of 1,000 Deaths‘ is more along the lines of ‘Tales From The Crypt‘ and ‘CreepShow‘. Updated with what I like to call B.A.T.(Blood Ass and Tits), it’s very graphic and sexual. Everything that makes horror great with some comedy relief and a lot more craziness. Trust me when I say you definitely will be talking about this movie for a long time.

DM: You’ve bagged quite the striking story-teller for the movie in the form of Misti Dawn, how did that come about?

AD: That was one of the biggest things I was having trouble with.., giving this movie a face. Like when you think of ‘Tales From The Crypt‘ you think of the Crypt Keeper, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street‘ you think of Freddy Kruger etc. So I knew I wanted someone sexy and iconic. Misti Dawn was the perfect fit. When I started writing the script Misti was my first choice. So it was cool to get her for the role of Lila and the face of the franchise. Yes I said franchise! I plan on doing three of these films maybe five and having spin-offs of the legends. I’ve already started writing notes for a couple of the legends in this film to be made into features. But I’m very excited to have Misti Dawn as the star of this franchise. Getting Misti wasn’t that hard because she’s a very cool person and talks to her fans. So I just hit her up one day on twitter or Facebook, I can’t really remember which site. We talked for like a week and I told her what my plans were for this film. I sent her the script, she read it, messaged me back like a day later, and the rest is history. She’s actually been attached to the project since February, we just had kept it under wraps. (end)

You can check out the short which lead to ‘Book of 1,000 Deaths‘ and find out how you can help the filmmakers raise extra funds here. Check out more of Deadly Movies’ exclusive images by clicking ‘more’. Continue reading

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Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders

Deadly Movies | Indie Scene

'Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders'

‘Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders’ has been doing the festival rounds since its release back in June 2009, including the Horror UK Film Festival and the Cannes International Film Festival Short Film Corner. Made on a shoestring budget of £5,000 ($7,300), raised by the filmmakers themselves, the 30 min short has generated significant online buzz and glowing reviews from the likes of Gorezone Magazine, BBC Radio Manchester, and Joblo. No mean feat given the hardships of the Indie movie scene. Here’s the skinny on the plot:

“The film is set in Manchester ‘The supernatural crime hub of the 21st century’ and is home to the officers of the G.M.P.I.D (Greater Manchester Paranormal Investigations Department) it is their job to fight the forces of evil that plague the city. Amongst these fine officers is hero cop Mark ‘Mac’ Macready. When Macready’s wife is kidnapped by a creature known as ‘The Archangel’ it’s a race against time for Macready to find his missing wife, solve the case and bring the merciless Archangel to cold blooded justice.”

This week, on June 19th at 2pm (GMT), horror fans from around the world will be able to watch a free live stream of the short, in its entirety, on the official website. To celebrate the online release there will be an interactive VIP launch party at Base Bar Cafe in Manchester which you can also catch online from 7pm the very same day. ‘Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders’ goes to show the power of the online horror community and the determination of the independent filmmakers. The reward for both comes in the news that the short is about to spawn bot an animated web series and, most exciting of all, a feature-length movie set for production in 2011.

You can check out the ‘Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders’ trailer here

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First Look at ‘Blockhead’

Deadly Movies Indie Scene | ‘Blockhead’ (2010)

Blockhead (2010)

The guys behind Indie horror flick ‘Blockhead‘ sent me some gloriously gory images from the movie as well as a few behind the scenes stills and the one-sheet. The film follows John, an old mason who, after years of working with concrete, suffers from a disease and  is locked up in the family bookstore. His younger brother Dave, who takes care of John and the bookstore, moonlights as an accomplice to John’s murderous habit. ‘Blockhead‘ has been submitted to Eerie Horror Fest and has already picked up best short at the Phoenix Fear Film Festival. Click more for further images and the one sheet. Continue reading

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Behind the Scene Photos from ‘Afterparty Massacre’

Deadly Movies Indie Scene | Afterparty Massacre (2010)

Scene from 'Afterparty Massacre'

The guys from Afterparty Massacre have released a photo blog giving us some behind the scenes glimpses into what appears to be a particularly bloody indie horror film. The photos feature a suspension performance which is pretty brutally visceral. Be warned! There’s also a sneak glimpse of one of movie’s flashback sequences featuring artwork by Eric Freeman, some of which looks very promising indeed. The movie, which will heavily feature metal performances, has a tentative May release date. You can check out the photo blog, and the rest of the site for that matter, here

Deadly Movies supports low budget, Indie, and student filmmakers. If you want to have your work promoted on Deadly Movies then please email me at

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Patrol Men

Concept artwork for Patrol Men 2010

I was emailed this fantastic piece of concept art (above) today by the guys behind British independent film Patrol Men. There’s clearly some raw talent here. You can view the trailer here and visit the Facebook page here

If you’re an independent filmmaker and would like to showcase your work on Deadly Movies then contact me at

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