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The Return of Tuna Head

Deadly Movies Cameos: American Godzilla in Godzilla Final Wars’ (2004), Dir Ryuhei Kitamura

So back in 1998 Hollywood had a limp stab at making a Godzilla movie, replacing Tokyo with New York, Toho with Roland Emmerich, and importantly introducing a whole new Godzilla design. Gone was the man in a suit, in came a full CG monster. The box office and critical response was tepid to say the least, the Japanese response was like a sake hangover. In official Japanese Godzilla mythology the monster that came ashore in New York was not Godzilla but rather a rogue Kaiju (large strange beast) that the silly Americans mistakenly identified as the Godzilla. Doh. So, game for a laugh, in 2004, Toho had yankzilla (lovingly referred to as tuna head) and japzilla face off against each other on the mean streets of Sydney (neutral territory perhaps?). You see yankzilla was just another Kaiju being deployed by evil aliens to take japzilla down (you can’t make this stuff up, unless your pissed on sake). Needless to say yankzilla has his ass handed to him and ends up neck-deep in Sydney Oprah House. All I can say isあなたは土台のマグロの頭です! You sure are, you sure are. (Don’t speak Japanese? Go here)


Snakes on a Plain yet Effective Modern B-Movie

Deadly Movies Reviews | ‘Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid’ (2004)

As far as guilty pleasures go this is right up there for me. It’s the sort of film that you only confess your love of to close friends, film comrades, or that person you end up cornering when drunk at a house party. You know you shouldn’t like it but you do, and you don’t just tolerate it but you genuinely enjoy it time and time again. Before you know it you are on multiple viewings and looking the cast up on IMDB. This bodes the obvious question.., Why?

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