9 things learned from the newest Godzilla trailer (March 2014)

Godzilla March Trailer 8

For Godzilla fans May can’t come around quick enough. But March has bought about an unforeseen treat, a new Godzilla trailer with all new footage. So let’s jump straight into the type of over analysis CNN would be proud of. Btdubs (that’s ‘By The Way’ if you’re over 14 and have a semblance of education) this will only address new footage, for a full analysis of the previous trailer get your skinny white ass here. Onward nerds..,

1. Monster caused tsunami in Hawaii. I’ll hang my Toho studios tour hat on this being Honolulu. Why? Because we now know for sure that San Francisco, Honolulu, and Vegas receive a monster beat-down, and there is no way you could get this kind of water displacement in Vegas and less so in San Fran. My money’s on (right on the beach) Honolulu.

Godzilla March Trailer 1

2. Honolulu got it bad. This will be the morning after the tsunami night before. How do I know this Honolulu? Yellow fire trucks (Vegas has red fire trucks).

Godzilla March Trailer 2

3. Something leaves one hell of trail. What would leave a track like this? Not Godzilla that’s for sure. In Toho lore, Mothra would often start out as a larvae that would wriggle from an island into the sea. I’d say that’s a pretty apt description of the below.

Godzilla March Trailer 3

4. More Vegas destruction. Caesar’s Palace is going to need a little more work during the annual reno’s.

Godzilla March Trailer 4

5. Edwards wants you to feel the horror. What I love here is Gareth Edwards is evoking natural disasters with these creatures actions. The tsunamis especially are very poignant when placed in the context of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami and 2011 Japanese tsunami. These human horrors will be thematic in this movie.

Godzilla March Trailer 5

6. So much Honolulu. If the tsunami style flooding takes place in the Hawaiian city (at night) then I’m saying this is a scene from the same sequence and not from San Francisco (PS it’s also not Vegas as I’m betting the farm that the Vegas damage has nothing to do with Bog Papa G). There’s mountains describable n the background here, which is more in-keeping with Honolulu than San Frisco.

Godzilla March Trailer 6

7. Godzilla scares some school kids. I’, going with this being from the San Francisco coming ashore sequence. That’s his dorsal spines in the reflection btw. Duh.

Godzilla March Trailer 7

8. Godzilla fucks up San Francisco’s China Town. He really hates Asians.

Godzilla March Trailer 8

9. Godzilla will have a flying adversary. I’ve predicted all along that we’d get a flying creature (many of the great Godzilla adversaries could fly – Mothra, King Ghidorah, Destroyah etc) and here’s the final proof. I think this will be Edward’s own creation that takes its cue from the traditional flying foes.

Godzilla March Trailer 9

So that’s more of what I think we do now know, but what don’t we know? Here’s so food for though: How many creature are in this movie? Will Godzilla end up being mankind’s saviour from these other beasts? Who destroys Vegas? What are the timeline of events that stretch from 1954 to 2014? And finally, and most importantly, will Godzilla have his famed atomic fire breath?

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