Deadly Movies Alternative Oscars 2014

deadly-movies-oscars 2014

Like the real Oscars, but just with movies that you probably enjoyed more than the actual nominees* (*If you read blogs such as this. *This is pretty much a waste of both of our lives ). Carry on..,

Best Picture




V/H/S 2

You’re Next

American Mary

The Battery

We Are What We Are

Best Director

Fede Alverex – Evil Dead

Twisted Sisters – American Mary

Chan-wook Park – Stoker

Franck Khalfoun – Maniac

Adam Wingard – You’re Next

Best Actress

Ruth Bradley – Grabbers

Katharine Isabelle – American Mary

Mia Wasikowska – Stoker

Sharni Vinson – You’re Next

Vera Farmiga – The Conjuring

Best Actor 

Elijah Wood – Maniac

Matthew Goode – Stoker

Vinny Curran – Resolution

AJ Bowen – You’re Next

Joe Swanberg – You’re Next

Supporting Actress

Nichole Kidman – Stoker

Gemma Arterton –Byzantium 

Lili Taylor – The Conjuring

Best Supporting Actor

Peter Cilella – Resolution

Rhys Wakefield – The Purge

Bill Sage – We Are What We Are



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