Top 5 Godzilla Suits (aka the top badass incarnations of the king) 最高のゴジラスーツ


It’s been 60 years, 28 movies, and one Matthew Broderick since Godzilla first munched and crunched his way across Japan. In that time the King of the Monsters has had many a career high and low. Each movie sees a different take on the creature, often using a different suit design. So join Deadly Movies, sushi firmly in cheek and sake snugly in enema, as we take a look at the greatest Godzilla suits to date:

5: G2 Gori in Godzilla Returns (1984)

Godzilla Suit 1984 1985

Back to basics and back to bad-ass. The 1984 suit wisely cast off the child-like trappings of the 60s and 70s Godzilla efforts and returned the king to his 1954 origins. He’s less a gurning cartoon character and more a snarling pitbull.

4: Desu Goji in Godzilla vs. Destroyah (1995)

Godzilla Destoyah suit 1995

You’ve just got to love this glowing orange and smoke spewing Godzilla in the midst of a heart-attack-nuclear-meltdown. It’s a ludicrous idea that just looks fantastic. From the initial coming ashore in Hong Kong to the final battle with Destroyah the whole thing plays out as a crazy nuclear holocaust waiting to happen.

3: Final Goji in Godzilla Final Wars (2004)


This is about as big and tall as Godzilla ever got in any of the Toho movies – somewhere in the 300 feet region. He’s massive. This is certainly the best Godzilla incarnation from the Millennium series (1999 – 2004). Gone are the silly dorsal spines from Godzilla 2000, and in is a much more recognisable and traditional version of the beast, but with everything super-sized on radioactive steroids.

2: Rado Goji in Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2 (1993)

Godzilla Suit Mechagodzilla 1993

If Final Gorji is too hulking for many tastes then here’s the Godzilla that honours the 1954 original the best yet adds enough bulk and muscle to please the more action orientated fan. In the best film of the Heisei series (1984-1995) this design sits perfectly between the Godzillas of 1954 and 2004.

1: Shodai Goji in Godzilla 1954


I’m not just saying this because it’s the first and originals ‘must’ be the best. But just look at him, everything about the proportions just seems to work. Later incarnations often had oversized legs, dorsal fins, tails and necks, or thinner bodies and squat heads. But here the head and body are in perfect unison, he looks terrifying and I love the ears behind the eyes (a feature that would only feature here and in the 1955 sequel). The black and white certainly helps with the apocalyptic feel too.

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