How BIG is the new Godzilla?


The new Godzilla poster has sent many a tongue wagging over the sheer scale of the beast. At first glance he would appear to be twice the size (more if you consider the perspective) of the  Transamerica Pyramid, leaving you with the reasonable conclusion that Godzilla will come in at some 520 meters (1,700 feet). Wow! That’s a lot of Goji. 

godzilla sizes

But hold your horses size-mongers. This wouldn’t be the first time that a movie’s marketing department has over-scaled a monster for the purpose of getting your butt on a $15 cinema seat. Go back to 1933 and some of the first lobby prints of King Kong that have him towering over the Manhattan skyline. Again in 1975 Kong was big enough to hold a fighter plane in the palm of his had and straddle the World Trade Center. And coming right up to to Godzilla 2000 where the US poster had his tail knocking over skyscrapers.


One final, and most logical, piece of evidence comes from the December trailer (screen shot above) where we see San Francisco ablaze and the paratroopers descend from above. You can see the carnage Godzilla is causing, but the beast himself is hidden by, not dwarfing, the Frisco skyline. And this is your likely size, somewhere around the 200m range.

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