Deadly Movies Top Picks for 2014

2014 preview

Should auld shitty movies be forgot,  and never brought to mind? Yes, yes they should, as we skip merrily into the horror pastures new of 2014. So here’s Deadly Movies choice cuts of studio and indie offerings over the next 12 months.

January 3 2013: Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones


Because.., If you follow/know anyone who’s seen this at the advance screenings the word is that it’s fantastically entertaining, scary, and fun. Remember, this is a spin-off the PA series and not PA5, which will be its own movie in time for Halloween. Now that’s what I call aggressive brand expansion.

February 7 2013: Nurse 3D


Because.., It looks insane. The trailer has all the trappings of an old exploitation movie – with a lot of sex and blood – with tongue firmly in cheek. It could be a massive let-down (as most modern exploitation efforts are) but from the look of Paz de la Huerta’s performance I think this could have been judged just right.

February 14 2013: Dead Snow 2


Because.., Dead Snow was a riot. This time the movie will be made in both its native Norwegian and English (a very smart, but time intensive decision). Most definitely the best of the recent Nazi parody horror efforts.

May 16 2013: Godzilla


Because.., I firmly believe that this will be a true return to form for the giant monster movie. With non-more-hot-at-the-moent Bryan Cranston (who surly wouldn’t be involved in a duff project right now) on board, a terrific looking trailer (trailer of 2013 IMO), and a fantastic creature design, Gareth Edwards may have nailed this.

July 11 2013: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


Because.., Rise of the Planet of the Apes was 2011’s surprise sci-fi hit, and deservedly so. This time the human/ape war will be underway so expect a lot more war-painted action, with Gary Oldman added to Team Mankind.

August 29 2013: The Loft


Because.., Even after Patrick Wilson dropped out, replacement Karl Urban is joined by James Marsedn, Wentworth Miller, and Eric Stonestreet to form a very intreguing cast around an interesting plot; Four dudes share a loft apartment for their mistresses until a dead body turns up on the hard wood floor.  The director of the Belgian oroginal helms this US remake.

September 5 2013: Green Inferno


Because.., It’s Eli Roth does The Cannibal Holocaust and who doesn’t want to see what that’ll look like?

Also of note:  The Human Centipede 3 (at least it’s the last one – April), Oculus (looks scary – April), Deliver Us From Evil (looks interesting – June), Poltergeist (yes a remake – probably September), Horns (Daniel Radcliffe has the horn – November).

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One thought on “Deadly Movies Top Picks for 2014

  1. Here we come competition. Intrusion:Disconnected October 2014 baby. Expect a lot of murder, a lot of blood, suspense and smart characters, oh and btw, we have kids in our slasher film.

    P.s. And since Poltergeist is still my favorite horror film to this day, character-driven and beautifully written and also that I used it as inspiration in writing Intrusion:Disconnected, since you never know when the film will actually end, to the remake I say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That never seems to work though. Great article. I’ll be on the lookout for the films.

    Also, don’t forget, you also have Frank Darabount as one of the writers for Godzilla. As soon as I read that, Cranston and seen the creature design I was on board. Looks like we’re getting the real remake we wanted. Bueller? Bueller? Nope.

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