The Weather Outside is Frightful: Top 10 Winter/Snow Based Movies (Updated)

This list was originally compiled during a big cold snap when Deadly Movies twitter chums had nothing better to do than compile pointless lists. Now that snow bares down on many of us again, it’s time to revise and revisit Deadly Movies Top 10 winter movies.

Snow is one of my favourite movie devices, it’s very photogenic, it’s isolating, it brings most infrastructure to a standstill, and it looks awesome when covered in blood, guts, brains, fragments, fluids, spleens, and icky bits. Here’s Deadly Movies favourite red-on-white flicks, now in discernible order just to kick up some debate (the order is based more on snow qualities than artistic merit!):

10: Misery (1990): Kathy Bates and her sledgehammer in the snow

9: Jack Frost (1996): Killer snowman in the (very fake) snow

8: Let the Right one in (2009): Vampires and Swedish child actors that are far too talented than they have any right to be in 7he snow

7: The Shining (1980): All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy in the snow

6: Fritt Vilt (or Cold Prey 2006): Arghhhh he’s still alive in the abandoned Norwegian hotel in the snow

5: Dead Snow (2009): Nazi zombies are biting my face off in the snow

4: The Invisible Man (1933): James Whale is a genius and you can see that invisible chap’s footprints in the snow in the snow

3: They Grey (2011): Liam Neeson reads poems, punches a wolf.., in the snow

2: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010 – and the Rare Exports shorts): Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good and he doesn’t give a fuck in the snow.

1: The Thing (1982): Shape changing aliens and Kurt Russell has a leather sombrero in the snow

Honorable mentions to: My Little EyeFargo, Die Hard 2, A Simple Plan, The Thing (2011), Gremlins, 30 Days of Night, Santa’s Slay, Storm of the Century, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman Returns, and Black Christmas.

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One thought on “The Weather Outside is Frightful: Top 10 Winter/Snow Based Movies (Updated)

  1. Good list!

    Another you could add, one of my favorites is a 2006 film called Frostbitten aka Frostbiten/Frostbite

    A lot of bloody vampire winter fun 😉



    btw – love the site!

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