Godzilla 2014: Trailer Breakdown.

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Gareth Edwards have delivered one tasty looking Godzilla trailer. Saying that this is still very much a teaser, with the big guy (wisely) kept very much in the shadows and debris. There are more than a few clues to be found though, so let’s have a little rummage around the trailer for clues. 

1: Beautiful Nightmare

godzilla 2014 1

If the paratrooper sequence is remotely representative of the movie as a whole then we’re in for a treat. It’s stunning. Sadly the music is unlikely to feature in the movie itself (I think it’s from 2001 A Space Odyssey). Edwards has created a visual nightmare, this is hell on earth, a creature here to destroy us, not to sell Happy Meals. But keep those expectations in check. Trailers are notoriously misleading (remember when we all though Man of Steel was going to be borderline art-house?!)

2: San Francisco

godzilla 2014 2

Here’s the confirmation that it is indeed San Fran that takes a battering from Godzilla (a very wise choice to avoid New York). However is this the only city to be leveled? Is this an opening sequence? The location of the finale? Given the Japanese lettering used in the marketing material and the casting of Ken Watanabe I think Edwards may well pay homage to the Toho movies – which is bad news for residents of Tokyo.

3: Godzilla

godzilla 2014 3

Here he is, as seen through the goggles of soldier (presumably) Aaron Taylor-Johnson . There’s not a great deal to learn here other than he looks to be massive. In the Toho Millennium Series (aka the most recent run of Japanese Godzilla films before theywent on hiatus) Godzilla was in the region of 100 meters tall. Considering that San Fran’s most famous skyline landmark, The Transamerica Pyramid, is 350 meters tall, I think this incarnation of the King of Monsters will be 200m+.

4. Train

godzilla 2014 4

Godzilla (or something else?) attacks a subway train. Edwards could be taking a leaf out of the 1954 original Godjira here, where Godzilla picks up and rips apart a Tokyo subway train.

5. Airport

godzilla 2014 5

Public transit is getting it in this movie. Is this a simple destruction scene or is there more to be discovered here? Are the skies as unsafe as the cities? Well Godzilla can’t fly, but other infamous creatures in the Godzilla universe can.

6: Radiation

godzilla 2014 6

Bryan Cranston looking on as Juliette Binoche is sealed in a chamber looks to be hinting at quarantine (Khaaaaaan!). Radiation has always been a big part of the Godzilla legend. His very creation is the result of mankind’s misuse of nuclear power and throughout a 60 year history he embodies (an often unsubtle) metaphor for mankind’s self-destruction.

7: And here he is

godzilla 2014 7

Fans familiar with the Comic Con Godzilla hot-reel may be a little disappointed that the Godzilla ‘reveal’ sequence here is one and the same. Whilst still covered and hidden behind smoke there are a couple of things to take note of here. Namely that he’s clearly more vertical in stature (as with the traditional man-in-suit Japanese Godzilla) compared with the Raptor-like Godzilla from the previous US attempt. The face/head are also more in keeping with the traditional Toho design, but with a distinctly blunt muzzle. Then of course there’s the infamous Godzilla roar, something that Edwards has, wisely, tinkered very little with.

All-in-all fantastic stuff.

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