Goble Goble Mother Fucker: Thanksgiving’s Best Horror Offerings.

Thanksgiving is certainly not blessed with the array of holiday horror films that lavish the likes of Christmas or Halloween. Recent years have seen attempts to right this wrong with, sadly, more wrongs than rights. Cheapo modern attempts such as ThanXgiving: Dead Harvest (2006) and Thankskilling (2009) fall well short of the standards set by holiday beacons Black Christmas (1974), Halloween (1978), and My Bloody Valentine (1981). So Deadly Movies has been doing some hardcore vault digging to uncover something worthy of following your Thanksgiving feast.

Bloodfreak (1972):Now this is real proper oldschool grindhouse exploitation. This has got it all, cigarette burns and hairs on the negative, jump cuts, bad dubbing, and of course a man with a turkey head. OK it’s not a Thanksgiving movie as such, but it does involve an utterly insane plot featuring a Christian biker who, after some weed smoking and some chemically tampered turkey eating, has his head transfered with that of a turkey. Watch on in awe and bemusement as a man wearing a papier-mache turkey head wanders around in a daze draining people of their very bright red blood. Pretty wacky stuff and well worth a watch.

Home Sweet Home (1981): ‘Jones’ is an escaped lunatic who mostly enjoys injecting PCP into his tongue. Meanwhile a group of pretty random unlikeable people meet at a ranch for Thanksgiving where they get an unwanted visit from a very angry PCP induced Jones. Everyone’s having sex, drinking beer, growing moustaches, and generally enjoying the Thanksgiving spirit which makes Jones get all killy. It’s pretty nasty grainy stuff, but at least it’s actually set at Thanksgiving!

If all else fails, just put on Planes Trains and Automobiles (1987), you know it’s the best Thanksgiving film, stop resisting it and repeat after me.., ‘THOSE AREN’T PILLOWS

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