Top 5 Worst Michael Myers Masks EVER

Crappy Michael Myers Costumes

A while back Deadly Movies did a complete run-down of every Michael Myers from every Halloween instalment (see here). Now, some of the official entries from the franchise are pretty piss-poor (Here’s looking at you H4 and H5 masks), but nothing compares to some of the quite ludicrous attempts at Michael Myers replica Halloween masks that surface online and in-stores every year around October. Here’s a look at the very best of the very worst:

Micahel Walter

5: The Walter Matthau: More reminiscent of a grumpy old man who’s been involved in a car crash than anything resembling Michael Myers from Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 (2009).

Michael Kevin

4: The Kevin Mcallister: Splashes aftershave.., ARGHHHHHHHH.

Michael Beethoven

3: The Beethoven: Sadly this actually closely resembles the mask from Halloween 4 (1988) – which shows how bad that one was. You just want to pet him on the head and pick up his shit in a poopy bag.

Michael Jake Weber

2: The Jake Weber: If this mask isn’t modelled after the Dawn of the Dead actor then I don’t know who it’s supposed to look like. It sure as shit doesn’t look like Michael Myers.

Michael Simmons

1: The Richard Simmons: Bah hahahahahahah. I think I just prolapsed.

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