Get Schooled: Top 5 Back To School Horror Movies

Back to School Horror

Whether it’s High School or University, millions of studes are heading back to school to learn about wars, Pythagoras theorem, 3.142 recurring, and that Tungsten is W in the periodic table for some reason. Those are the only four things to gain from going to school. Now that you know all there is to know you can concentrate on more important things, such as the top 5 very best horror movies set at a high school or university according to one guy who really should be working right now (stay in school kids):

Scream 1996

5, SCREAM (1996 – High School): If you’re 30 or under this was likely you’re high school horror movie. Generation Xers may have had the 80s locked down, but you had Drew Barrymore’s spilled guts, Headmaster Fonz (which you didn’t get), and the Cox-Arquette’s. So 90s.


4, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS (1986 – University): Thrill me. The first week of college can often seem like a whirlwind of aliens, axe murderers, zombies, leaches, and flame-throwers. But that’s just the drugs, booze, and sexually transmitted diseases talking.

George-Clooney Return to Horror High

3, RETURN TO HORROR HIGH (1987 – High School): One of the late 80s movies that started becoming subversive, this one features the making of a horror movie within a high school. Meta! Suck it Craven. And it starts George Fucking Clooney who somehow isn’t banging high school girls left and right.


2, CARRIE (1976 – High School): The quintessential High School nightmare. And I thought ketchup on my tie was bad (wa wa waaaaa).


1, SUSPIRIA (1977 – Private School/Dance Academy): This is what happens when you study the arts. If Suzy had gone to The New York Stern School of Business like her dad wanted her to she’d have seen far less Technicolour madness, less European witchcraft, and marginally less murder.

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