Deadly Movies Cameos: Ray Harryhausen in Spies Like Us (1985)

Ray Harryhausen Cameo Spies Like Us 1985

Cameo pens at the ready to check-off the who’s-who of industry folks on show in John Landis’s Spies Like Us. There’s Frank Oz, Terry Gilliam, Joel Cohen, Sam Raimi, and Larry Cohen, as well as Bob Hope and BB King (amongst others). During the ‘doctor, doctor’ sketch (also starring Gilliam) one of the Pakistan stationed UN doctors encountered Dan Akroyd and Chevy Chase is non other than creature feature legend, the late, great Ray Harryausen. It’s a nice nod from Landis who’s career in creature horror was clearly influenced by the wondrous practical effects and stop-motion that Harryhausen gave life throughout his career. There’s also a cameo for another practical effects specialist Derek Meddings. It’s cameotacular, and while it’s certainly no high point for Harryhausen, any recognition of the great man’s work is more than welcome.

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