Deadly Movies Cameos: Roger Corman in The Howling (1981)

Roger Corman Cameo The Howling

Director Joe Dante started off his filmmaking career under the guidance of B-movie supremo Roger Corman, getting his big directorial break with the Corman produced Piranha (1978). Dante gives Corman a brief, but lingering, appearance at the beginning of The Howling as an impatient man waiting for Dee Wallace to finish a call in a phone booth. Dante fills The Howling with nods and winks to horror’s past including TV footage from The Wolf Man (1941), a sketch of Lon Chaney Jr in full Wolf Man makeup, and there’s small roles for Corman regular Dick Miller and B-movie leading-man icon Kenneth Tobey. Dante would up the cameo ante in Gremlins (1984) with Steven Spielberg, Robby The Robot, HG Wells’ Time Machine, and animation legend Chuck Jones all getting a little screen service (see all Gremlins cameos here).

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One thought on “Deadly Movies Cameos: Roger Corman in The Howling (1981)

  1. Phil Fasso says:

    You didn’t mention the gag Dante employs with Corman. I never understood it until I saw the film on DVD, but parsimonious Roger goes fishing for change in the hope that Dee Wallace left a dime behind.

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