Do you remember when.., Jeff Goldblum rides atop the T-Rex’s nose in Jurassic Park (1993)?

jeff goldblum on t-rex 1

It’s a rather blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in Senor Spielbergo’s dinosaur classic, but it does indeed happen; Jeff Goldblum sits legs akimbo the T-Rex’s nose (snout? I’m not too up on my dinosaur anatomy). Think back to the glorious T-Rex attack sequence.., It’s dark, it’s raining, the fences have failed, and Jeff Goldblum self proves chaos theory by running inexplicably, with emergency flare in hand, towards a bamboo public-washroom. As the T-Rex bursts through the washroom walls to devour the cowardly lawyer inside, Goldblum is shown falling to the wayside. But hold-up. rewind that sequence a few seconds and slow it down. Goldblum isn’t brushed aside by the T-Rex, but is actually saddling the beast’s nose like a bride-to-be on a bucking bronco. It’s a pretty wild sequence which lasts all but a second on-screen and isn’t made any easier to see as Goldblum’s dressed head-to-toe in sultry black.

But it is there, and it does exist. Jeff Goldblum rides the T-Rex.

jeff goldblum on t-rex 2 copy

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