Happy Easter: Deadly Movies Top 5 Giant Movie Chickens

chicken rodeo

Cute yellow chicks; an Easter must. Boiled or fried, your choice. So while you ponder that decision most fowl join Deadly Movies in a self indulgence Easter exercise in eggceedingly prodigious poultry. AKA a list of fucking big chickens from film and TV. Carry on:


5: Chunky Chicken in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993): Toho wannabe man-in-rubber-suit giant chicken. What you need in such a situation is a giant radioactive lizard not a bunch of 90s Saved By The Bell wannabe punk teenagers in spandex.

Muppets Giant Chicken

4: Giant Muppet Chicken in The Muppet Show (1977): A giant version of Gonzo’s Camilla. Hopefully with a Jim Henson, Frank Oz, or Dave Goelz locked inside; more likely a lowly PA or unpaid intern.


3: Giant Chicken Hallucination in The Gold Rush (1925): An early movie warning from Chaplin on the poultry side-effects of too many mushrooms in your magic soup.


2: Giant Mutated Chicken in Food of the Gods (1976): So real, so very, very real. It’s just how H.G. Wells imagined it.

The Hoboken Chicken Emergency

1: Henrietta in The Hoboken Chicken Emergency (1984): Strage, probably pedophile, man-in-suit chicken hangs around children’s parks in New Jersey with Peter Billingsley. Truly terrifying.

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