Great Beards and Moustaches in Horror History: 1977

Mimmo Crao in ‘Yeti, Giant of 21st Century’ (1977)

Yeti Giant of the 21st Century 1977

Cashing in on the late 70s resurgence in giant ape movies comes this Italian produced effort whereby Mimmo Crao looks more like Mimmo Craoa rejected 80s wrestling gimmick than any kind of monstrous beast. But as far as man-in-suit-monsters go Crao surly has the finest beard and bouffant hair combo of them all. He may struggle to convincingly convey gigantism but I’m sold that this hairy man-god could lay down one hell of a stadium rock bass solo. And before you scoff at this follicle achievement with wig based heckles, consider that, in his spare time, Mimmo cultivated one hell of a Italian beard just for giggles (see left). Mamma Mia that’s’a spicy meat-beard. While the clean shaven Godzilla’s of the world trample our great cities, it takes a real man to roam the Canadian wilderness in nothing but the pubes on his crotch and hair on his face. Here’s to you Mimmo, may your mighty beard and saggy ape tits live forever in the high corridors of cinema history.

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